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12 Beauty Products You Definitely Need To Pack Before You Head For Your Destination Wedding!

BY Sakshi | 29 Jul, 2016 | 1041 views | 6 min read

So in the midst of all that packing and running around, you might miss out on a few essential items to pack. For that, refer to WedMeGood's packing checklist before heading off for your destination wedding. But once that's done, take just some time out to focus only on yourself. You need to look your best for the wedding, and the hotel toiletries and basic makeup is just not going to cut it! Yes, your MUA will come with whatever you need for the events, but quickly throw in these beauty products for some pampering and tender loving care for your skin and hair! So you're obviously gonna pack your moisturiser, sunscreen, shampoo and conditioner, but these are some extra things which you will also need- trust us on that! Plus, we've even given some recommendations to make the job easier for you! Thermal Spring Water Mist c00313_atsw_300ml_1 The skin can get pretty dehydrated on a flight, and this can lead to small raised bumps, especially if you have sensitive skin. A spring water spray helps in rehydrating the skin temporarily, so that the dry air conditioning does not take a toll on it. Carry one for the hotel room or a travel-size non-aerosol bottle for the flight. WMG loves Avene Thermal Spring Water Spray because it soothes and refreshes the skin in no time! Korean Sheet Masks A sheet mask is pretty handy, quick and fuss-free and is so easy to use that you can probably just apply it on a flight if you're travelling with your people around or don't mind the extra attention. This is especially useful if you have a long flight ahead of you! s1705193-main-zoom WMG loves Tony Moly I'm Real Sheet Masks, available in India on Amazon and in Sephora. Facial Wipes You're probably going to be photographed at every single stage of your destination wedding, including before flying and after landing! Carry some facial wipes to quickly wipe off and refresh your makeup in the flight or at the airport!

bioderma_sensibio_h2o_micelle_solution_make-up_removing_wipesImage via Escentual.com

WMG loves Bioderma facial wipes, because they are mild but still pretty effective at what they're supposed to do! Night and Eye Cream/Serum Don't forget your trusty night cream or serum which you have been using for a while now, especially if you have dry skin. Don't experiment with products too much before your wedding, and do carry the essential night products that suit you so you wake up with hydrated and replenished skin! 000143134 WMG loves Keihl's Midnight Recovery Concentrate, which works on even the most dry skin! Hand Cream Not only does the air conditioning dry out the facial skin in planes, but hands can also start feeling crinkled. Since you do need your hands to look pretty for all those engagement ring and mehendi shots, make sure to keep moisturising them with a travel size hand cream time and again! 81088_Summer_Hill_100g_Tube_Carton_Full-Bleed_HR WMG loves Crabtree and Evelyn Hand Creams, which are uhhh-mazing and available in so many varieties! Lip balm Again, something pretty basic, but forgotten behind by a lot of brides. Make sure you have a potent lip balm or the old trusty Vaseline in your bag and keep reapplying it when you have the time- especially in the flight or when you retire for the night. The long-lasting makeup lipsticks MUAs use work well when the lips are nice and moisturise

Image via today.com

WMG loves EOS lip balms... not just 'cz they look so adorable, but they're available online in India now (though you might not get all varieties), and are pretty effective! Hairspray or Anti-frizz Product Of course, your MUA is going to get hers when she comes to dress you up, but make sure to carry your hairspray or anti-frizz spray if you're heading for a beach wedding, as hair can generally get frizzy and nasty. So you will need a generous amount even for your smaller functions!

John_Frieda_Frizz_Ease_Moisture_Barrier_Firm_Hold_Hairspray_75ml_1392969910Image via feelunique.com

WMG loves John Freida Frizz Ease, which is available in India online and in stores, and doesn't break the bank! Hair Treatment Oil Don't forget to give some tender loving care to your tresses at night as well! Choose a fancy product or the Indian staple coconut oil, but make sure to carry some which will be much required after you open any hairdo which required a lot of hairspray and back combing!

Moroccanoil_Treatment_25ml_1392287766Image via feelunique.com

WMG loves Moroccan Oil Treatment, which nourishes the hair without making it too greasy! This can even double up as a hair serum post washing when a tiny bit is used! Dry Shampoo So your MUA will tell you that hairstyles do not work so well on hair that's been freshly washed, so you might have to skip a couple of days in between for that gorgeous updo. So what do you do in the meantime to get rid of that greasy scalp? Use a dry shampoo to add some life into your hair!

2343317Image via makeupalley.com

WMG loves Batiste Dry Shampoos 'cz they're simply the best... and also, you get them in India now! Makeup Remover This is something that's so basic for a bride, yet a lot of girls forget this behind! Only face wash is not going to get rid of all that wedding makeup, so you need a potent makeup remover and cotton pads to do the job for you! 97951m_l WMG loves The Body Shop Camomile Cleansing Butter and Oil, because they can get rid of even the most stubborn makeup in a gentle way! Zit Cream If you are prone to acne, then this is something you should not leave behind! Get a dermatologist-recommended pimple treatment and carry it with you for emergencies, and if this is something that happens to you once in a while, you can carry any regular zit treatment cream that's gonna help with cutting down the redness and bump. 720x860-adv-acne-spot-treat_1 WMG loves Clean and Clear Spot Treatment, because it's not too harsh and can subside a pimple to quite an extent overnight! Oil blotting sheets Headed to a beach wedding but have super oily skin? Then this is a lifesaver! Since you cannot keep layering powder on your skin, oil blotting sheets work well to absorb the oil and refresh your look in no time! blottingpaper_main WMG loves NYX Blotting Sheets... they're effective, comparatively cheaper, and available in 4 varieties! Hope this list helps you pack effectively and stay beautiful through the day!
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