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15 New Themes For Your Bachelorette Party! (Hot New Stuff To Try, Ladies!)

BY The WMG Bride | 01 Oct, 2015 | 1791 views | 8 min read

It isn't easy. Planning a bachelorette party that is. You have a mandate in front of you: No cliched stuff, nothing your college rival has done at her bachelorette and no lame ideas. That's a tall order but in reality, you are running out of ideas to make your bachelorette out of this world ? Well, here are a few which are definitely not cookie cutter. image8

Sweni’s Bachelorette Party 

Fret not dear bride-to-be, we got you covered. with our extensive research we figured out 15 foolproof and awesome bachelorette party themes / ideas that can make your big night-out with your BFFs a beautiful memory. Without further ado, 15 themes that will make for a kickass bachelorette party. Keep your hangover kits ready! 1. Glamping 1152db51b0bb2e4aa54b3eb05ffe0f58

Poppytalk for Target on ApartmentTherapy

Camping got a glamorous cousin, it's called Glamping. You build that tent, do it up like a dream tent complete with fairy lights, fluffy cushions and cozy supplies and you spend the night away at a fireplace eating yummy food and telling each other fun nostalgic stories. Why Your BFFs will Love It: Because it's a glamorous way to spend outdoors. Plus, it's so old-school and you guys could really gather around the fireplace and relive those moments. WMG Recco: This new resort place near Mumbai has just opened up to some super glam tents, perfect for a fab glamping trip. Check out Anchaviyo's tents that are oh so glam. 2. Party on Wheels 80f0ef9e534f0ecd12c48b5349b2b530

Picture Courtesy: Standard.co.uk

Just get up and going with a party on wheels - Limos and cars and loads of Champagne to boot, or maybe mimosas to drive you around town and then take you to the hottest bars. Why Your BFFs will Love It: Because it reminds you of those epic episodes of "How I met your mother" and the super fun night-out. WMG Recco: Check out Uber which does give you loads of opportunities to customise your sweet ride! 3. Throw a Sparty 800472ef770078eca34b49def780d639

Picture Courtesy: Shefinds.com

What's better than a few mani-pedis and gossip? Nothing at all. Just pick a cute spa and get your bridesmaid towels customised, call a masseuse and get your A-game on. Pick a bunch of nail colours that will totally make your friends go awwww. Why Your BFFs will Love It: Because it's oh-so-girly and too much fun. WMG Recco: My Glamm Has some great Stay-at-home and get pampered packages. 4. Fancy Pajama Party 72fc5cab02e6d603daf5fed3cbf5419a

Picture Courtesy: MiEmporium.com.au

Just a good old pajama party mixed with some new fancy ideas - Karaoke bar and a dessert table along with a late night binge episodes of Sex and The City. Why Your BFFs will Love It: Because it can get as racy and fun as possible considering you guys are at home - too much fun! WMG Recco: This Karaoke Box with 90s songs is just perfect for this night-out! 5. Yacht-party yacht

Picture Courtesy: Desmotivaciones.com

Rent a real nice yacht, get some mimosas on board and wear your swimsuit - done and done! There are so many yacht options in places like Mumbai or Goa. A houseboat works too - if you are into that kind of thing. Why Your BFFs will Love It: Who doesn't like swimsuits, sea and a whole lotta music? WMG Recco: OceanBlue has great options - they rent out yachts to suit all your party needs. 6. Wine & Whine bc4fd958d25518183c7cc7fa6960b43e

Picture Courtesy: Mintlovessocialclub.com

A vineyard party is all you need to get your girlfriends in one place - drink, stay and do some grape-crushing. This is ideal for weddings in Feb or Mar because that's vineyard season. But all year round too, some vineyards plan fun activities. Why Your BFFs will Love It: Grape-crushing and oodles of fun - with miniature wine bottles in every room. Love! WMG Recco: Sula Vineyards have some great offers for some great parties - grape-crushing season is more fun too. Their villa resort has a spa, a gym and a chill-out room. 7. DIY-ing Day Party 1432122097_Woodville_Palace_Hotel_006

Woodville Palace Hotel★ 5

Everyone loves good crafts and DIY is a big big deal. If you have an interest in it - just get your friends and craft the day away with cute centrepieces and ideal friendship bands and the like! Why Your BFFs will Love It: You get to create something cute and keep it as a memory - wouldn't that be nice? WMG Recco: Happy People is a company that caters to party planning - so for Alishka Varde Singh who owns it and does some amazing crafting, it's a cakewalk to teach you some fun crafts. She also comes with various packages that will suit your bachelorette needs. 8. Laser Tag / Paintball 697fe38449a0d7f3bfa01300f5179758

Picture Courtesy: The News Herald.com

If you are an outdoorsy gal, then a fun day out doing adventure sports might just be child's play. But pick ideas that your friends will love - laser tag is so 90s and paintball is good fun. You could have teams and things - ah, it's a hoot! Why Your BFFs will Love It: Laser Tag is so much fun - it's kiddy and easy and will hold super cute memories for you girls. WMG Recco: What The Fun, is a fun adventure group that hosts these kind of parties so sign up! 9. Pole-Dancing / Belly-Dancing a6a7d2c4b459328f225adc5cc21a0e2f

Picture Courtesy: Livejournal.com

Learning a new sexy hot thing - That's fun for everyone, right? We all wanted to learn pole dancing and belly dancing and this is perhaps the best time to do that. Get a reputed trainer and get going - you could plan it at a penthouse too for privacy and all you know. Why Your BFFs will Love It: Learning something new is great and your friends will love these cool sessions. WMG Recco: Banjara Dance Classes have some really amazing teachers - so try to book in a session and see! 10. Amusement Park Day ed77d4c701b286280da60496b42ef203

Picture Courtesy: weheartit.com

Amusement parks are so much fun we tell you. So take your friends out for that big trip - there are dancing fountains and a big fat carousel - can make for a great day out plus loads of Instagram-ing. Why Your BFFs will Love It: It's almost like a picnic and you'll relive those carefree days of you guys together - plus, that carousel is one hot thing to ride! WMG Recco: Imagica has a wonderful dreamy carousel and also sweet musical water fountains - and oh, amazing food 11. Cupcake + Cocktail making Classes 57-elegant-diy-engagement-sydney-57

Picture Courtesy: Hemant & Preet’s Engagement Party

Cooking classes are a great way to bond with your BFFs. So just make sure you get them to try out a cupcake making class or a fun cocktail class - so much fun and you can end up naming the cocktail after you. Why Your BFFs will Love It: Macaroon-making classes are a bit complex but why not? It's all good fun so your friends will love it! WMG Recco: Studio Fifteen has some great cooking classes that you can book! Check it out - that too, with renowned chefs! 12. Hiking Trip Party  1881d977251c99b78f3177951a1cbb01

Picture Courtesy: Flickr.com

If you like hiking and trekking then this is the perfect getaway for you and your pals. Get them a hiking it and have a tiny party at the mountain top - so cute. You can even camp and see what the stars hold for you! Why Your BFFs will Love It: A small hilltop would be a welcome change from the daily urban routine so you can give that much-needed break to your friends. WMG Recco: Blueberry Trails organises some really cool trekking trips in and around Mumbai, try it out! 13. Road Trip 7d5c5cc47c7daefc5f915a9f4f5a3e45

Picture Courtesy: Crossroads Movie

Every BFF would love a fun girly Roadtrip - think Britney in Crossroads. So pack your bags and take your girls on a drive to a weekend getaway - on the way, stop at a spa, a nice restaurant, an activity centre, a movie theatre - you can really make it adventurous. Why Your BFFs will Love It: Quality time is good, but a road trip is a one-of-a-kind thing so this is one trip all of your friends will never forget! WMG Recco: Lifehacker will tell you how to plan the perfect roadtrip! Read up and take notes!  14. Pool Party a1cb31520ed44a05e5ecac350a62416d

Picture Courtesy:Miamiracked.com

A pool party is one of the easiest and simplest things you can do. But if you're smart you can add a few interesting things to the mix. Have a theme, get an aerobics instructor to show you how to do water exercises. Have man servants who will pass on the food and cocktails - get floating beds and go crazy! Why Your BFFs will Love It: Who doesn't like wandering around the pool with yummy food and fun drinks? WMG Recco: All of the 5 star hotels have great pools. We especially love the one at Alila Diwa Goa, it's a hoot! 15. Vintage Tea Party  c6fd3aa97f0afdc9fc7bd16035c46b36

Picture Courtesy: Emmydesign.se

The princess in you will love the cute vintage-style boho tea party - complete with floral curtains, tea cups, a cute dessert stand apt for Marie Antoinette and all the other trappings of vintage Paris. Why Your BFFs will Love It: It's simple, romantic and delicate - you can have cute vintage cards to give and have 10 kinds of teas to serve along with macaroons and cake! WMG Recco: A tea party is nothing without some great tea, so try out the new Anandini Teas, they were used at Shahid Kapur's wedding.
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