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7 Ways to make your Engagement ring diamond look larger !

BY The WMG Bride | 09 Jan, 2015 | 1089 views | 3 min read


Engagement ring shot by Devang Singh

Umm okay, so we admit thinking about this is totally shallow. 100% shallow and materialistic - guilty as charged. But lets also face it guys, MOST of you would have given it a thought- whats the best setting that makes your engagement ring stone appear slightly larger than it is ? :) Here are the best ones. halosetting

Halo setting, photographed by The Studio

The Halo Setting : The Halo setting involves surrounding a larger stone with an outline of smaller pave diamonds. Not only is this a great trick to make your stone look larger but it is also an incredibly beautiful setting which is timeless and classic (and these days its super trending as well) 1439379121_IMG_3400

Photo by Prism Lens Photography★ 4.9

Tall settings: Settings in which the center stone is kept at a much higher height than the band, makes your stone look larger. Even if your diamond is not as tall, jewellery designers these days keep the stone well above the regular height required for this effect 1443235767_SSP_3

Photography by Sonal Sukheeja Photography★ 4.8

Use Slender prongs: Prongs are those tiny metal clasps which hold your diamond in place. Slender and more invisible prongs will ensure more of your diamond surface is visible making it look larger . 1441262208__JAN0006

Photo by The Studio

Consider the shape: For the same carat size, an emerald cut, marquise, pear cut and a round look much larger as compared to princess cut diamonds or even heart shapes. Shapes which have a longer axis like the ones above give you a larger surface to work with.   Use Illusion settings if you don't have a solitaire ring: Always wanted a solitaire but price constraints pulling you back?  Go for an illusion or a cluster setting which bunches up different diamonds together on a mirrored base . The effect is that of a larger diamond while the reality is that they are smaller diamonds bunched together 1425531593_1424460212__MG_8987

Photo by Vaijayanti Varma Photography★ 4.9

Get a slim band: A slimmer band can make your center stone pop- a classic optical illusion. Specially if you have smaller and more slender hands then a center stone anyway appears larger and the slender band gives it an enhanced look Get a bright, white metal band as opposed to gold: This is the same logic used when interior decorators use mirrors to give an illusion of space. When the band used is a bright, white metal it reflects on your diamond giving the illusion of a larger size. Tip from brides.com All said and done, remember size is one factor. A good quality diamond of a smaller size is much more classy than a low quality large diamond and above all of these things- a diamond gifted by the one you love is beautiful no matter what !
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