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#Bachelorette Party Special: 8 Low-Cal Drinks For The Bride On a Diet!

BY The WMG Bride | 16 Jul, 2015 | 1337 views | 3 min read

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Picture Courtesy: Hemant & Preet's Engagement Party

The best thing about any bachelorette party is the drinks. We mean, how is it even a party if there aren’t any good drinks in the mix? But every bride worth her salt knows that a diet and a bachelorette party don’t go together. Or do they? At WMG we know how to navigate our way into the world of high spirits without breaking your diet resolve. And don’t roll your eyes yet - all of these drinks we are hi-fiving are good, yummy and super delish. Here we go then, 8 drinks that can make your bachelorette party even better without the bloating effects the next day.

Tequila Sunrise For The Margarita Lover

So you cannot give your favourite tequila a miss on your favourite day. So try this simple trick to make your extra healthy - just add a shot of tequila + soda + lime and you’re happy for the rest of the night!

Simple Mojito For The Sweet Girl

The mint, lime and soda water combo works very well for someone looking for a simple drink. The mojito can have either a shot of rum or vodka which goes around 100 calories. But if you wanna add some syrup, just add a teaspoon or just a tiny pinch for taste. The calories for the syrup cannot exceed 40 calories. So yay!

Long Live Champagne

This one’s straight up, no pretensions. A 120 ml of Champagne is in and around 85-100 calories. So instead of wine or beer, just go ahead and have that yummy champagne!

Gin & Tonic For The Bold Bride

Ok it’s just gin and tonic and it can only set you back by about 110 calories. So go for Gin instead of that big fat cosmo.

Red Red Wine

Ok add those fruits if you want and make it a sangria. But remember a good glass of red wine is probably your safest option - it’s healthy, comes with anti-oxidants and can make you so so happy!

Bloody Mary And No Hail Mary

Tomato-based drinks are good - they add the sour factor and supply a healthy dose of anti-oxidants. Just control the alcohol levels and skip the salt on the rim!

Bacardi Beaming

So you cannot leave Bacardi out of this mix - then we suggest you add Diet Coke to it and move ahead. At 90 calories, it’s okay. We are okay!

Any Light Beer

Light beers are fine as long as you don’t overdo it. It means a good 150 calories and less. So make sure you choose a light one and stay with the pint my friend! Three tips to follow for diet drinking success:
  1. It’s not just the drinks, we end up eating chips and dips and everything unhealthy with them. So choose your snacks wisely.
  2. When your drink needs a tinge of refreshing - just add a slice of lime. Any drink will go from blah to wow in minutes!
  3. For every drink, drink two glasses of water after. Just to keep a check, you know.
What's your bridal drink of choice? Tell us!  
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