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Real Brides Reveal: 5 Things To Have In Your Bridal Clutch!

BY Sakshi | 15 Dec, 2018 | 1617 views | 3 min read

We love getting some gyan from other brides instead of giving all on our own, and this one is something a lot of brides might not think is very important before the wedding (we'd guess you'd be more bothered about the clutch itself rather than what's inside it:P) but trust us (and other brides) when we tell you, this is important stuff that should go in your bridal checklist as well!

Image via Braja Mandala

So let's get it from the horses.. umm.. brides' mouths!


Real Bride Aakanksha says:

"One thing I highly recommend every bride should have is a lipstick that's close to the shade the MUA applied on you. A lot of brides assume it is 'long staying' or they don't have to bother, but always carry it- especially if you have a tendency to eat lipstick like I do! And don't carry the stick matte thing that needs a mirror to apply- carry a proper twist up lipstick, hopefully one that moisturises a little as well in case your lips feel dry and parched!"


Real Bride Sara says: 

"I really really hope I had carried some tissues or a handkerchief in my clutch! I thought I wasn't the kinds who gets too emotional or starts crying, but weddings are another ballgame all together man! I got swept in the moment so many times- I mean I was tearing up (in a good way) on my bridal entry as well! And the whole time I had to keep telling myself that it'll ruin my makeup! Finally borrowed some aunty's hanky and kept it with me!"


Real Bride Varsha says:

"This one comes highly recommended from my personal experience: Brides, please, please carry mints (not gum) in your clutch! I didn't, and was super embarrassed to feel my breath getting smelly from all the keeping mum. And people tend to come close and whisper to you- and I was scared to get near to my husband too! I'm sure it wasn't so bad, but in my head it was, and led to me getting additionally stressed!"


Real Bride Meher says:

"If you're wearing falsies for any function, please remember to carry some lash glue and a bobby pin in your clutch. I wore falsies for my wedding day, and the heat and tears during the phera time made one of them come off! Thankfully a bridesmaid of mine was carrying some since she was wearing falsies as well and came to my rescue! So you basically put the glue on the bobby pin's rounded end and apply it to the eye to avoid getting your fingers sticky!"


Real Bride Aditi says:

"I know I may be judged for this, but I carried my cellphone on silent in my clutch the whole time- for candid selfies (if there is such a thing!) and to stalk my wedding hashtag on Instagram! Yes, not super proud of it, but just wanted to see how much fun everyone is having, and of course, how I'm looking in photos :P"


Featured Image via Naina & Rohan (Singapore)


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