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Real Brides Reveal: What To Do When You Get Your Period On Your Wedding Day!

BY Sakshi | 09 Aug, 2019 | 8670 views | 3 min read

You always think it won't happen to you. After all, you've had your period like clockwork since you were a pimply teenager, and of course you're trusting it to be on time around your wedding too. But it decides to give your life a nice bloody twist and you wake up on your wedding morning or a day before or after with your period! Yup, stress or a change in schedule can really change your period schedule too, so if it happens to you, especially if you have irregular periods to begin with, here are some brides who tell you how they handled the situation.

Image via Aanchal & Niket

Real Bride Nina says:

It was my worst nightmare come true! My period is usually irregular, so there was no way I could have known it was coming. More than the period, which is usually light on the first day, the cramps were the problem. I did not want to be uncomfortable on my own wedding, so I spoke to my doctor and kept taking a few meds every few hours to keep the cramps at bay, and I must say it really worked!

Real Bride Mona says:

I knew I would get my period on my wedding day, because my cycle is always consistent. I was of course annoyed that I was expecting it on that day, but at the same time it wasn’t a big deal, since I'm not one of those people who is super uncomfortable during that time of the month. I made a  "go with the flow" kit, which I carried with me all the time. It had tampons, pads, and a cup. It also had some painkillers and emergency chocolate. I would also suggest getting some period-proof underwear, either as a backup or as your full-on protection. 

Real Bride Misha says:

I always get my period like clockwork, so I knew for sure it was gonna fall on my wedding date. So I consulted a gynac and went about it the right way. I took some pills to shift my period by about a week, and it worked! I was tension free on my wedding day.

Real Bride Aarti says:

OK so I got my period a day before my wedding, and instead of freaking out, I was glad that I had made the leap to using a menstrual cup about 6 months before. They can be worn for much longer than a pad or a tampon, are comfortable, and I just made sure to reinforce it with a panty liner and emptied it every 5-6 hours. I wore a pastel lehenga, so I had to be more careful, but it worked for me!

Real Bride Saanvi says:

 OMG! This was my worst nightmare come true. I woke up on my wedding morning with my period, so that ruined my mood anyway. But I decided to fight it out. It's something natural, and I told all my bridesmaids to keep an eye out. The cramps also hurt, but I powered through with some painkillers and once the dancing started, I was too good in a mood and distracted to even care anymore!


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