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The BIGGEST Hair Mistakes Brides Make! *And How to Avoid Them!*

BY Sakshi | 20 Sep, 2016 | 1793 views | 6 min read

Bridal hair and hairstyles really take a backseat as far as the wedding preps are considered, coming a close third to the outfits and the makeup. A lot of us concentrate on growing it out as much as we can before the wedding (if you wanna know secrets to making it grow faster before the wedding, click here), but when it comes to the actual day, not many of us go ahead knowing a 100 percent what we want, or prepping hair properly for the big day.

Photo by By Mily Ghosh

So if you want to have the perfect bridal hairdo too, then avoid making these mistakes, which are very very common with brides these days!


Washing hair on the wedding day 

Unless you want to leave your hair open- if you are making a bun then washing hair on the wedding day  is an absolute no-no!It can make hair frizzy and hard to style. You should wash your hair the day before- even if it means getting rid of the back-combing and tangles from a previous function at 2 in the night! That way your natural oils get sometime to reach around the hair- which means hair that's more lustrous and easier to style! But if it's too oily and greasy to handle, then use some dry shampoo on the scalp, which can soak up the oil.

Using a leave-in conditioner or getting deep conditioning done right before the event

Yes, everyone loves soft hair, but get all this done atleast a week prior to your big day. Otherwise, your hair can become too soft or greasy to work with, which will affect the longevity of the hairstyle. Also, if you have a habit of using leave-in conditioners, stop using them close to your wedding as it can end up making hair greasier faster.

Cutting or trimming hair too close to the event

You've probably been working very hard at trying to grow your hair, but realise close to the wedding that there are a lot of evident split ends? So what do you do? Leave them or chop them off? Neither! Yes, the hair looks healthier and feels softer, but sometimes when the ends are freshly cut, the hair doesn't hang on to the style it's placed in as well. A little wear and tear helps hold the style and that's why brides-to-be should get their hair cut maximum 4-6 weeks before their big day, not after that so that the split ends are also taken care of.

Not concentrating on the hair before-hand

If you don't have that gorgeous hair most of us are not blessed with, then make sure to take some biotin or fish oil supplements for your hair- it will not only make them grow faster, but also help with all the pulling and styling since they become stronger. Most of us pamper our skins, but forget to take good care of the hair too.

Trying something new

This is not the time to experiment! If you've never had your hair rebonded, don't do it close to the wedding, and the same goes for a perm as well. Yes, it is your wedding, but experimenting with a length, style, or texture that you've never tried before can as easily be a big mistake as well. So all these things have to be planned out or tried out atleast 2 months in advance!

Ignoring the impact of weather

You cannot deny the fact that weather does mess with our hair- so consider that as well, especially when you rope in an MUA and discuss what hairstyle to get. This should be a very important factor in case there's rain predicted on the wedding day or if it is a beach wedding- tell her that your hair frizzes up or how greasy it can get after a couple of hours under the sun so she can style and set it accordingly.

Picking the wrong hair accessory

We see so many brides experimenting with hair accessories not only on the wedding, but even the Engagement or Sangeet, which is a good thing. But while the right hair accessory can glam up the whole look, the wrong one can look gaudy and ruin the whole look. Even if your MUA tells you it looks good, go with your gut- if you don't like it, chuck it.

Not being careful with fresh flowers

Fresh flowers look pretty in hairdos, but not when they wilt! Pick flowers which stay fresh for a long time and store them in the fridge till they're used in your hair while getting ready. Get one of your friends to spray them once in a while if the whole process is taking too long.


Trying clip-in hair extensions for the first time on the big day

Nothing wrong with using extensions, just that get a trial before-hand... don't let the day of the event be the first day you're gonna try them on! It is not necessary it's gonna look the same on everyone, and might not blend in with your hair properly. So if you get a trial done before, the stylist will know exactly what needs to be done to the hair in terms of treatment like colouring or trimming it so it can look real on the big day!

Getting a super high pouf

It's one hairstyle that gets messed up and frizzy most easily, and if you don't have a lot of height difference with your husband, then think about a super high pouf wisely. If you do want a hairstyle like that, make sure it's of a decent height and not too high.

Over-spraying hair

Inform the hair-stylist not to over-spray, which a lot of them do, as hair sprays are definitely needed to hold the hairstyle in place, and if any layer falls out of place, it is they who are going to be blamed. This is super important if you have two functions in the day- say tied up hair in the marriage ceremony where the spray is used and then an open hairstyle during the reception in the evening the same day. If the hairspray was over-used in the morning ceremony, then you're gonna have a very tough time handling the hair in the evening!

Trying Flicks

You may think flicks are pretty, but in photos flicks can look messy or untidy . Specially if you have your wedding in the summer, flicks tend to get oily and give off a not very put together look .

So, any other first-hand hair experiences you'd like to share?
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