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The Newest, Most Awesome-est Wedding Photography Trends for 2017!

BY Sakshi | 19 Jan, 2017 | 959 views | 4 min read

Its a new year, a new vibe (or should we say...Vaataavaran ). Photography shouldn't be left behind though, and here are some of the photography trends we predict are going to get big in 2017.

Honeymoon Shoots


Image via Richa's Honeymoon Shoot

Honeymoon is the time when you're probably way more relaxed than the wedding, and are at the perfect picturesque location, but what ends up happening? You either have all selfies thanks to a selfie stick, individual photos or photos together after begging people or putting on the camera timer. But how would it be to hire a photog to come with you on your honeymoon, snapping you guys around? Brilliant if you can afford it we say, and totally worth it!


Smoke Bombs & Holi Colors


Photo: Weddings by Knotty Days★ 4.9

Using holi colors or smoke sticks is big in pre-wedding shoots. Plus, with "holi themed mehendis" becoming all the rage,  it is going to be one colorful year

Seperate "Performance Reels" in Videos


Trailers, full films and more may be okay but everyone wants to see their Sangeet performances seperately. Given that these span 40 minutes, its not always possible to incorporate into your film. Creating a seperate 'sangeet performance reel is not only trending but super useful as well.


Sexy Boudoir Shoots


Image via Morvi Images Photography★ 5

Couples these days aren't shy to get intimate in front of the camera, and boudoir shoots are perfect for bold and adventurous couples! WMG had featured this one recently, and while it is not for every body, there are some pretty stunning shots! So, if that is something you're both comfortable with, we say go ahead!


The day after/ After wedding shoot


Image via Shutterdown - Lakshya Chawla★ 4.9


The wedding days are crazy and we know the photographers and you guys try and do your best to get every shot you'd like in the bank. But day-after shoots are a perfect idea to get everything- finish pending shots and get that sort of peace without a deadline that you can never get in the rush of the big day. Also, another great idea is to unwind and have fun together right after the wedding, which also makes for some great photos!


Black & White


Photo: Karan Sidhu Photography★ 5

Black and white is making a comeback and how. 2017 will continue to see this amazing trend


Heart Shaped Bokeh

Bokeh came into mainstream popularity last year, but now heart shaped Bokeh's are all the rage. Apparently you need some sort of a lens infront of your camera to create this.



Social Media Influences : 60 sec edits, Mannequin Challenges & More


More and more photography trends are being governed by social media. Brides want 60 second edits to showcase on Instagram, or want to do a mannequin challenge on their wedding and we will continue to see Snapchat and Instagram influencing photography in 2017 as well.


Wedding Photo Sharing Apps

Getting guests to download an app, and then have them upload all the photos they click onto it so that you can track all the gazillion cell phone pics- is only a trend that will continue to grow. Try Wedpics for your wedding and we are sure you will love it.



Styled "Squad Photos"


Everyone is already decked up in their best, so instead of getting the same old cliche portraits, why not get a few modern shots with only you guys or the entire family? Think of it like a Kardashian-style shoot and yes, it does look amazing!

Miniature photography


Image via Vivaah Picture Factory★ 5


This is one weird trend we showed you for pre wedding shoots, and it seems to be getting pretty popular! Just remember, when going for this, there's a pretty thin line between quirky and tacky!





Image via Radhika Pandit Photography★ 5


This is one trend that's only getting bigger and better guys! Drones are almost in every grand wedding these days, but there are a lot of people opting for them for pre-wedding shoots as well! Just takes the photography to an all-new level.. literally!


Mug shots of bridesmaids and groomsmen


Pic via Morvi Images

They are the ones who end up doing most of your work, being their right next to you, but the only footage we get at weddings is of them with the bride and the groom. How about you change that and get some dedicated photography done for your near and dear ones, with them being the only ones in the spotlight for that time? Doing it Brady Bunch style is such a cool idea!




So, which trend do you like?

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