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50+ Stage Decoration Ideas For Wedding!

BY Garvita | 28 Jun, 2023 | 44464 views | 13 min read

Your wedding day is a special occasion that deserves beautiful and captivating decorations. The stage, where you and your partner will celebrate, takes centre stage during the festivities. It's like a blank canvas where you can bring your dreams to life and create lasting memories. Also, it adds to the aesthetic value of the venue. So, décor becomes a vital aspect of your wedding stage. We’ve curated stunning stage decoration ideas to make your wedding extraordinary. Whether you love flowers, elegant drapery, or dazzling lights, we have something for every couple's style and vision!

1. Cascading Foliage

Image via Huzaifa and Burhan

Foliage and flowers make for great floral décor idea as it gives you a beautiful mix of green and floral colours!

2. Pink Sofa And Blooms!

Image via Chandni and Sunny

Sofa and blooms have an irresistible combination and its trending all over. Perfect for a stage décor idea, you can mix and match a bunch of colourful flowers with a velvet sofa for a seating idea too!

3. All White + Mirror Aisle!

Image via Asra and Salman

What’s not to love in this all-white décor for a wedding stage with a mirror aisle to match? We absolutely love this and how!

4. Gorgeous Mix Of Gold And Red Roses!

Image via Wedding Factory★ 5

For decor ideas that are different from your usual floral set ups, this gold vase and blood red roses décor for your stage is so stunning!

5. Drape Loving!

Image via The Wedding Minions★ 5

Have an open-air stage and do not want to overwhelm it? Opt for these lovely drapes and chandelier set up like this couple did and embrace the beauty of open skies!

6. Classic Combination Of Gold And Red!

Image via Ruta and Prateek

There is a reason why the combination of gold and red is such a classic. We absolutely love love it!

7. Non-Floral Décor Set Up For Intimate Wedding!

Image via Shreya and Prithviraj

Want to DIY décor for an intimate wedding event? This lovely paper flower décor set up for a wedding stage is such a cute idea!

8. Royal And How!

Image via Nimitham Wedding Photography★ 4.8

This stage decor set up is royal and fit for a wedding with all the opulent touches. You can opt for such a stage décor for a royal Rajasthani wedding or any palace wedding!

9. Suspended Mogra And Brass Bells!

Image via Pinterest

How stunning are these suspended mogra strings and brass bells combination? It gives an old-world charm with a new modern twist!

10. Cascading Tent With Lights!

Image via Clicks by Garry

Loving this tent-inspired stage set up that is all kinds of beautiful. The mix of flowers and lights is simply gorgeous to look at!

11. Blue And Yellow Love!

Image via Athena and Thomas

We love colours and this blue and yellow stage décor set up is great for anyone who loves colours too. It gives a pop of colour and adds such a vibrance to the entire look!

12. Mini Chandeliers FTW!

Image via The Studio

Mini chandeliers are always going to look bomb.com for a stage décor set up. They add the necessary regal vibe to the look as well as do not overpower it!

13. Give Us Those Beachy Vibes!

Image via Sonam and Ayush

A little beachy touch with an open air venue and palm trees with that stunning light and arch décor set up that we are giving our hearts to!

14. Statement Chandelier Décor Setup!

Image via Chanu and Digvijay

Want one decor element that will make your stage standout? Put in a statement chandelier like these guys did and we promise that your stage décor will pop like no other!

15. Frames And More!

Image via Samridhi Abhishek

Personalize your stage decor by adding personal frames to the stage. You can add in couple photos or even family photos for that touch of cuteness!

16. All White Beauty!

White florals have a charisma of their own and its clearly visible in this stage décor that we are loving so very much!

17. Rose Wall!

Image via Richa and Adit

Add in a statement look with an all-red-rose wall and a lovely chandelier to your stage and your décor is done. Looks brilliant for a wedding or even a reception!

18. Floral Love!

If your love for florals doesn’t end at flowers, then take it one step ahead with printed florals like this couple did. We love the mix of pastels prints and fun flowers for that lovely décor!

19. Floral Dome With Cascading Lights!

Image via Preksha and Mukul

Great for a reception night or even an evening wedding, cascading lights with a floral crown is simple stunning!

20. Statement White Lotus!

Image via Alain Martinez

What a gorgeous lotus motif décor! Unique and so different from the usual floral arrangements, this lotus décor is absolutely breathtaking!

21. Stunning Butterfly-Inspired Beauty!

Image via Pinterest

Love, love and only love!

22. Gold Dome Stunner!

Image via Pinterest

Stunning gold dome stunner that allows you to play with florals and light, all while giving a royal look!

23. Gorgeous mix of pampas and floral!

Image via Pinterest

Pretty as they come, this gorgeous mix of pampas and florals is perfect for couples who are looking to mix it up a little. Dry florals give a unique look to the décor along with fresh florals.

24. Floating Birds And Florals Magic!

Image via The A-Cube Project

How dreamy is this floating birdy and flower magic? Perfect for wedding setups in pastels or all-white, these floating birds and flowers is a total stunner!

25. Reflections In Pink!

Image via Pinterest

If you love pink as much as we love, you are going to love this fun mirror and pink décor setup.

26. Accordion Style Beauty!

Image via Pinterest

This accordion-style décor set up with some suspended chandeliers, is a work of art. Its simple yet gorgeous can be used in an outdoor set up and looks like a million bucks!

27. Monogrammed Arches!

Image via Pinterest

Give your décor a touch of personalisation with these monogrammed arches that are so stunning!

28. Dreamy Drapes!

Image via Pinterest

Want décor that is more than just florals and props? Go for these dreamy drapes with couple name or even a cute phrase and we promise you that everyone will love it!

29. Half & Half Pampas Arch!

Image via Mishika and Rishi

Nothing like some half and half décor to mix it up. This lovely dry floral and fresh floral arch gives just the right combination.

30. Enchanting Décor Love!

If you prefer a modern touch, these suspended florals are a great way of adding that modern twist.

31. Arches & Lotus Wonder!

Image via The Factory

This breathtaking décor set up with a circle with floral and foliage arches along with blush pink lotuses on the flanks, is so so unique!

32. Some Rainbow Love!

Image via Atisuto★ 4.6

This rainbow hued, bright floral setup with mirrors is such a fun décor set up for a outdoor morning wedding!

33. With a plush of nature's pink


Image via The JoySmiths★ 4.9

At first, we thought that was a setup until we looked closely and realized that's a real tree! Oh my God, literally paradise. Also, you cannot miss that cutesy vintage bench!

34. Full of roses 

Image via Sumyog★ 5

Go old school and traditional with a stage decor full of roses! The golden detailing adds royal vibes to it. We're sure the pictures would come out to be exquisite!!

35. The trend for Ombre has won our hearts altogether...even when it comes to stages!

Image via: The Wedding Conteurs

This extravagant yet simple in its own way modern Mehendi stage decoration is giving us major goals. The simplicity and calmness of the hues make it perfect for day functions like Mehendi. If you are a modern-day bride, ditch the regular set-up and go for something pinky. The floral strings make it look even better and absolutely nature lovin’

36.  A simple, DIY marigold decor stage ideas for an intimate ceremony

Image via: Fortunate Events★ 5

White and yellow can never go wrong, this low-budget stage decoration is extremely simple to put and can be considered as an amazing setup for Haldi. All you need is a couch, some classic Genda Phool, and a tent and you will be good to go!

37. Floral decoration for wedding stages gives us major goals!

Image via: The Millennial Bridesmaid★ 5

This type of decoration can be too good to be true and appropriate for a day wedding. The shades, the stage, little creepers over the pillars make it look even more special. Include something like this in your big fat Indian wedding for some great pictures where you and your partner shine bright like a diamond!

38. Unique engagement stage decor idea with florals in hanging bottles

Image via: The Millennial Bridesmaid★ 5

Planning a day event? Why not decorate it with some pastel colors and use hanging bottles to sustain which makes the whole decorated stage look gorgg. It can also be used as a perfect low-cost wedding reception stage decoration. This type of decor can be suited for any type of function so just in case you fall in love with something like this...simply add another function to your list hehe!

Light Stage Design Idea

Brighten up your wedding stage design background with some fairy lights or hanging lights for some amazing wedding pictures. As they say, the more the merrier, you can have your stage decor filled with lights of different ideas and keep em glowin’

39. Lit with candles

Image via Pooja Joseph Photography★ 5

Giving flowers and drapes a miss, this stage decor was all about candles placed on tall candle stands. Totally loved the modern and stylish vibe! Also, it ought to be budget-friendly. Amazing, isn't it?

40. Let the chandeliers do the drama

Image via Asra and Salman

This stage was lit with chandeliers! So much use of flowers, natural greenery, we couldn't help adding this decor to the list! 

41. Beaming Starry Lights Background

Image via Mint Events★ 4.7

What more do we need if we have such a star lit background. It is absolutely eye gauging and feasting. Love how the pink flowers blend with the lights in a circular motion. The perfect decor for an engagement party!

42. Let the shadows talk..

Image via Purple Tree Events Solution★ 5

Just the right amount of light can create so much drama on the stage, just like it did with this wedding stage decor. The bulbs add a subtle tone to the bright red couch and flower. A good mixture of colors for an amazing night's wedding function.

Minimal Outdoor Stage Decoration Ideas

Minimal has been topping the charts of stage decor this season. With covid and home weddings taking its place, the DIY decor has surely been a Hero. Here are some ideas for your upcoming homely weddings or for brides who like to keep it simple.

43. Minimal is the way

Image via Kaleerein by Kanika Kumria★ 5

Pristine white paired with an intense pink looks pleasing to the eyes! That minimal floral backdrop with an elegant couch is definitely ideal if you're looking for something subtle.

44. A perfect decoration for the stage for an intimate Mehendi affaire

Image via: Hyacinth Events Planner★ 4.9

This simple DIY modern Mehendi stage decoration can be considered perfect for a low-cost wedding. A simple floral wreath seating with beautiful colors associating it with. Do not miss out on the quirky cushions as they truly represent the modern Indian bride, so simple yet so chic!

45. Include a little wood on your stage to give it a rustic vibe!

Image via: Atisuto★ 4.6

Another DIY wooden stage decoration wherein how beautifully a dresser has been converted into a background amongst all that greenery. Absolutely perfect for an intimate affair like Haldi or Mehendi for you to celebrate. The rustic look expresses modernity just like today’s brides.

46. Wooden stages have their own charm and are classic all the way!

Image via: Saaj Weddings★ 4.9

You can also keep it as basic and classic as all the weddings that we have seen over the years. Include stairs and a wooden wedding decorated stage and the rest can be done by your liking. This is something that can go with any background, time of the event, or location as well. All you need to do is match everything up to the mark!

47. A simple DIY decor idea for Mehendi Celebration

Image via Shyamalee Thevar★ 5

You can brighten up the decor with these vibrant drapes and they’ll do just about it. With greenery all around, the pop of yellow and pink would create a happy vibe for a fun function like your Mehendi or Haldi.

Grand Wedding Stage Decoration Ideas

For all the ‘Big Fat Indian Wedding’ Lovers, it is a must to keep all your arrangements grand as well as fab. And for that, check out some grand wedding stage decoration ideas below, to get inspired and impress one and all.

48. All things royal and extraaa

Not looking for something basic? Well, this is what will inspire you for a stage decor that exhibits magnificence and grandeur. Palace-like backdrop, over-the-top floral arrangement in pastel hues, and a dramatic sky. Phew, pure love!

49. Karan Johar is that you?

Image via:Hitched and Clicked★ 4.7

To all the brides that have been dreaming of the typical Dharma Wedding, here is the solution to all your doubts. Something as grand can match up to all your wishes and fantasies making you look like a Prince and a Princess on your special day. Totally in love with this trendy yet traditional wedding stage decoration!

Personalized Stage Decoration Idea

50. Personalized Backdrop and a DIY wedding stage

Image via: Hyacinth Events Planner★ 4.9

Images via Colorblind Production★ 5 & Atisuto★ 4.6

We love when personalization kicks in as it makes it all the more special. These cute marriage decoration stages are simple thus have charm to it. The pictures represent that just two or more elements can add so much to what is called a wedding stage. Beautiful in its own way and something that you wouldn't want to miss out on.

51. Mesmerizing light green and gold couple seating idea with botanical wall

Image via: The Design Atelier★ 4.8

An elegant yet keeping up with trend kinda idea for an engagement party or sangeet. The gold-plated initials enhancing themselves over the green wall look immensely great. Be it a grandeur event, this will be an appropriate sangeet or engagement stage decoration.

52. Brighten it up with some trendy neon lights and quotes

Images via VLW Global by Shruty Tiwari★ 5 & Vows & Tales★ 5

Neon lights are being loved by each and everyone, and with cool quotes and hashtags coming our way, it becomes, even more, special and different. Though the idea remains the same, our personalization makes it different as ever just as it did with this wedding stage decor idea.

Totally in awe of all these designs! Imagine getting married and exchanging jaimalas at one of them? Which one out of these did you love? Do let us know in the comments below.

*Updated by Apoorva Pagar

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