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Last Review Updated on 25 Jun 2018

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Sania Arora
Sania Arora5.0

1 year 3 months ago

Noopur and Anish it’s been wonderful to know you both from the very beginning. Being someone who always wanted to get married ???? it was very difficult to find the right ppl to capture this moment in my life. But after I met you both I understood that you do your work with so much passion and happiness and make a great couple yourself that it would be easy for you to relate the kind of thing I was looking for. Having said when I saw the 40 minutes film ( which was delivery very well in time ) and in fact I appreciate your thoughtfulness to deliver the films on occasions like my birthday, a week after marriage, the first time I came for a sleepover and the first time my in laws visited mum that you made not only my wedding but also occasions following it up special. I have never EVER seen a video for 40 minutes where I dint even want to blink. One cut, first cut, and flawless. Absolutely flawless. The choice of songs, the way the moments were captured, it was so so amazing. I never ever take the first take on anything because I have this streak where I want everything to be perfect. My roka was shot by picture art company and I remember the multiple takes it took to make the video nice. You both have been the best decision ever!!! It feels more like friends and one things for sure I’m ringing you on all of our occasions!!! We love you and thank u for making our wedding and celebrations following it up so special. I am very very sure you will be the best in your field. My god, I can’t pick the moment in those 40 minutes that’s my favourite!!!! It’s the best video ever !!!! Love love love love and more power to you both Happy Flashbacks

Happy Flashbacks
Sania....Where do we start??? We and are team is so so humbled with your beautiful testimonail. Its said that when you do something with the right intension and with all your heart, you want some acceptance. But the way you have pointed every little thing is just so beautiful and heart warming. Really :) We are very happy that You, Shantanu and bot... Read More

1 year 10 months ago

When you meet some people, they instantly become an integral part of your life; we can proudly say the same about our Anmol Ratan- Noopur & Anish. The beautiful mad crazy fun adorable souls that they are, shot our wedding recently & not for a moment did we feel the pressure of photographers around. They shoot in such a natural setting, in such a fun way that the entire ?getting photographed pressure? is nowhere. It?s like chilling with friends and on the side getting clicked too. We still remember the first time we met them for our pre-wedding, we knew these guys were magicians. When the pre-wedding played on our ring ceremony, it felt like we were watching a movie on the big screen. That?s the kind of impact their concept & movie had. It enthralled everyone present there & our friends n family were completely spellbound. Praises for the team have still not stopped & Anjum n me have been mesmerised ever since. The finesse with which they capture the true essence of a couple & showcase their chemistry is commendable. Noopur n Anish, you guys are amazing to the level infinity; in terms of everything. You weave magic with your cameras. We are so glad you shot our wedding & in the process became a part of our family. And now, we can?t wait to see our wedding pictures & film. We are confident it?ll be straight out of a fairytale, sprinkled with magical Happy Flashbacks dust. Lastly, we want to thank the entire team of Happy Flashbacks for being superrrrr amazing. We love you guys. Good luck guys for all your future endeavours, we hope many more couples n families get to experience the magic of Happy Flashbacks. Lots of love, Anjum & Ankita

Happy Flashbacks
Thank you so much Ankita and Anjum for being so so fabulous and warm. We really enjoyed documenting your special day . Thank you for such a lovely testimonial. we both love you all:) love & hugs
Anirudh Talwar
Anirudh Talwar5.0

2 years 2 months ago

Dear Noopur and Anish, You guys make a fantastic team, a team that provides unartistic and lost souls like ourselves with magical memories to treasure. Somehow, despite knowing each other for a short period of time, you both managed to capture the very essence of why Ravneet and I decided to marry each other. Thank you for bringing the light, and more importantly, the lens through which you managed to accentuate the light that eventually shone on our special movements and engraved it in our hearts and mind forever. On behalf of my entire family and myself, a heart-filled thank you.

Happy Flashbacks
Thank you so much Anirudh for believing in us:) Its that faith that made us create what we did:) You both are amazing and hence the beautiful story that we could create. Love you both:)
Akshita Ladda
Akshita Ladda5.0

2 years 3 months ago

From the latest video shoot of my brother's wedding- I can very precisely recall the Sangeet performance of my parents wherein my mom is indicating towards me from the stage ( while her performance is still ongoing ) to guide her with all the dance steps, whilst Noopur very unexpectedly capturing me guiding my mother from below the stage rather than shooting the mainstream dance performance of my parents! This ingenuity of the choice of shots they choose to capture make Noopur and Anish one of the finest benchmarks of pre wedding and wedding cinematography industry. The job they do is such a noble one in itself. Come on, creating lifetime memories and summing up the beautiful knitty gritties of your relationship in a few mega bites takes hell lot of expertise. Happy flashbacks make it happen in an effortless fashion but only when you get yourself shot from Noopur and Anish, you'll realise that their work requires great deal of mental calls, patience, a hefty emotional investment they do with each contract they take.. It ain't an easy job. They have come out with beautiful heart touching deliverables for my brother and bhabhi #Smarsh. The pre wedding shoot of Adarsh and Smriti is a life time asset for my family. The happiness we derive out of watching it can never be expressed in words. Thankyou Noopur, Anish and #HappyFlashbacks for existing and making little kids of the family fantasise beforehand for their own pre wedding and wedding shoots ( obviously, you guys are pre booked :P ) You guys are brilliant. Stay the same (at least until my shoot happens :P) Lots of Love, Way to go

Happy Flashbacks
Hahahaha!! we only doing your wedding. Thank you so so much Akshita. It was indeed a beautiful experience documenting Adarsh and Smriti's wedding and we immensely feel blessed to have met such wonderful people . Thank you for your kind words . Lots of love,
Aarushi Talwar
Aarushi Talwar5.0

2 years 3 months ago

Noopur and Anish, thank you for lighting up our lives with your wonderful spirit and passion when capturing the best moments of our lives. You guys have done a wonderful job in incorporating all the emotions, love, dance and happiness in a 1 hour video. I think my favorite part of the video was the fact that the songs chosen for the background were extremely fitting and went so well with the video that you couldn't even tell whether the song was actually playing at the time of the event or was chosen by the filmers. I honestly couldn't stop smiling throughout the video and throughout everyones interviews too because they were captured so truthfully that it will always remain a beautiful memory. I think whoever watches the video would truly want to be there in person; that's how good it was! Please keep bringing joy through your talent to everyone and wishing you guys all the success and love that this world has to offer. ?

Nidhi Jindal
Nidhi Jindal5.0

2 years 4 months ago

Anish bhaiya and Noopur di, before everything else I'd like to thank you for making my parents silver jubilee memorable?? You guys are just too perfect. Happy flashbacks wasn't just an addition to our celebrations, the entire team was a part of our celebrations. My parents are not even closely into pictures, so we weren't sure if they'd be able to adjust with the shoot and all. But Anish bhaiya, Noopur di and the team worked like magic around them, I've not seen my parents more comfortable and enjoying themselves so much. They know how to bring out the best in everyone, they worked so well on the storyline and come up with such interesting and innovative concept. The bonding and understanding we developed is above everything, you guys are the cutest! They're there with you at every step helping you out with the outfits, and the other smaller and bigger things. We had seen their work before and trusted them with all our heart, and what we received was mesmerising. Thank you dearest Anish bhaiya and Noopur di, you are the best! Can't wait to have you guys as a part of all our future celebrations as well

Bhavya Khullar
Bhavya Khullar5.0

2 years 4 months ago

Hey Noopur and Anish! I am sure this one is long awaited, but I am sure it shall only make you two happy! I would like to begin with thanking you two for the lovely work you have done for us! It has been totally worth the wait. It was so much fun to work with you and your team during the pre wedding shoot! The entire day went by really well and gave me what I can call today the best memories of my life! Hats off to you and your team for your creativity and for choosing an amazing concept for both of us. We received immense appreciation for the pre wedding video, a few of whom said it was the best they saw till date! @Shrey and I are very glad to have chosen you. The wedding film is amazing and I feel like watching it again and again. Thank you for capturing each and every emotion beautifully. We couldn't have chosen a better filmer! Lastly, we look forward to seeing the remaining films super soon! Much Love ?

Happy Flashbacks
Thank you so much Humari Pyaari Bindu?? Even this is worth the wait
Sidisha Singh
Sidisha Singh5.0

2 years 5 months ago

Hey Noopur and Anish(And the entire happy flashbacks team) I am so grateful that I found happy flashbacks We are so very impressed with the work and creativity and your ability to capture some of the most precious moments of our wedding. Noopur and Anish your work is impeccable and simply amazing!!! You guys have left us with a fairytale video of our wedding. I love my pictures ? I can?t stop looking at them.Thank you for paying so much attention to all of those little things that are so important and meaningful to us!!! You truly caught the emotions of that day and I am so excited about that. We feel so connected with you guys and the bond we share now I'll cherish it forever. I love you from the bottom of my heart and we are so lucky to have found you guys. I wish you all the best for your future and I am sure you'll always bring this magical smile to everyone's face you work with. Lots of love

Niyati Gupta
Niyati Gupta5.0

2 years 5 months ago

Noopur and Anish- to the dynamic power couple and the best on the wedding photography scene there is! I saw our wedding film a few days ago and it took me back to that time when we almost didn't go with you guys - Would have been the biggest wedding blunder ever! You guys didn't just do brilliant work for our wedding but you were there with us like family. And to see that level of enthusiasm, passion, love and genuine care is extremely extremely rare. Not to forget the cheekiness! When I see myself blabbering away on the video (btw both sides of the "traditional" family think this bride talks too much

Kaustubh Mittal
Kaustubh Mittal5.0

2 years 5 months ago

Thank you so much Happy flashbacks for the great work at our wedding! From hating to get clicked, to looking forward to seeing your pics and videos - you have managed to convert me! I especially loved the video that you guys made as it's been done so perfectly and with so much attention to detail. I remember how annoyed I was at being told to come out for the photo shoot in the middle of the mehendi but now I regret not having spent more time with you guys for clicking more pictures ! It was all so colourful and amazingly shot :) All the best for your future endeavours! Lots of Love, Kaustubh

Gaurav Sengupta
Gaurav Sengupta5.0

2 years 6 months ago

I often hear the phrase " Etched in my memory" being flung around, referring to a vision , a sound, a touch or just a feeling that one assumes he/she will remember in intricate detail, for an entire lifetime. But if you were to visualize a special moment and go back to recalling it , say ten years hence , would you be able to derive the same euphoria from what your mind has to offer that a photograph, video , audio clip or any other form of capturing media is able to provide in a matter of a millisecond ? While some may say they can , most would agree they cannot. They may be able to recall a smiling face, but not the rolling eyes that go with it, a kiss on the forehead but not how beautiful the person being kissed looked with his/her eyes closed. Media , notwithstanding all its recent advancements, is a gift to mankind and a gift we all cherish dearly. However, there are some people who are a little more gifted than others in making this gift called media realize its true potential with every passing day. I first met Happy Flashbacks on the 15th of February, 2016. A close friend of mine was getting engaged and Happy Flashbacks was doing what they do best, making memories their style.Noopur and Anish Bhatia are the founders of this production house, with the catchiest name I have heard for an organization. Needless to say, their creativity hits you in the face before you've even met them . The young , good-looking and dynamic power couple that these guys are, they've mastered every trick in the book and outside it, of how to make that big fat Indian wedding an extravaganza for all. We had an absolute ball shooting with these guys at the engagement of Abhimanyu and Sidisha , at the Westin Guru gram in Feb'16 and then their grand wedding at Jaipur in November'16. While both work the camera equally brilliantly, Noopur especially was sweet and considerate enough to help us amateurs/first timers get our poses right for the shutterbug. When I got to see the photographs and videos later, I was more than pleased with how well the shots were conceptualized, the touch of good humor and creativity at all times , and last but not the least , how good everyone was looking. What's great about these guys is that they add a personal touch to making a wedding or a pre-wedding shoot feel special , not just for the bride or the groom , but for everyone who attends the functions . As a matter of fact, once you see them work their magic, you begin to feel like you are a part of the function even if you were not present. They tell a tale with every photograph or video they share. The bride and the groom come across as nothing short of the protagonists of a Bollywood blockbuster. Family and Friends from both sides play an integral part in capturing the joy and happiness of every moment that transpires during the wedding celebrations. Every moment of the joyous occasion that is worthy of being captured and "etched in the memory" of all of who are well-wishers to the couple, Happy Flashbacks adds a twist of their special recipe and makes that moment a tad bit more special. I wish these two wonderful people all the very best for their future endeavors. Keep bringing smiles to people's faces with your wonderful work of art. For those reading this, if you are getting married and you want all your special moments captured by the very best of our country, these two are your go-to for sure !! Don't think twice, these guys know what you want, and they give you far more than what you expect !!! Cheers !


2 years 6 months ago

Noopur and Anish, the perfect team that help the newly wed complement each other to the tune of perfection. They are an inspirational pair who create moments for the newly wed that are lived by them until eternity. The memories are wound up beautifully from being engaged to entering Into a relationship that lasts forever, a commitment given the of name of marriage that ends up becoming a beautiful Happy Flashback. If you wish to live a memory, don't think twice. Just close your eyes, hold each other tight and say "Happy Flashbacks," let the celebration begin

Tushi Gupta
Tushi Gupta5.0

2 years 6 months ago

Dear Noopur and Anish, I've been meaning to write a testimony for Happy Flashbacks since long; so finally, here it is! People say weddings are made in heaven and I truly believe so too.. But the truth is - irrespective of how well planned one is, whilst the wedding functions are ongoing; the bride nd groom along with their families are so busy attending to other chores that they really don't end up noticing even the decor! This is precisely why you guys are Godsent! I, along with Vaibhav, knew nothing that was going on throughout the wedding since we were so busy taking blessings from all and more than that just enjoying being "US for life." So, a few days post the wedding, when people kept raving about the performances, decor, food and the likes, it suddenly dawned upon us that; dude - we saw nd noticed nothing! But, with Happy Flashbacks team by our side, we had nothing to worry. Every moment, emotion, action, smile, tear, - you guys captured it all and ohh! so beautifully. The pre wedding shoot, wedding function shoots along with the teaser bytes, videos and what not! You guys truly made us feel like celebs and treated us like them too! Both, Me and Vaibhav Sehgal, cannot thank You and your entire team for the phenomenal and spectacular moments you've captured for us. Watching them today also brings a smile on our faces as it did the first time we saw it. They are the most precious and memorable gift from you and we cherish them immensely. Lastly, thank you for being such nice people for we truly have found great friends in you, both. With talent and creative minds like yours, I am affirmative "Sky is the limit" Wishing you guys sky rocketing success and many more opportunities to help capture the most prized moments for couples. Lots of Love

Vaibhav Sehgal
Vaibhav Sehgal5.0

2 years 6 months ago

Dear Noopur and Anish, I have taken long to write this for you guys may be because i had to go through my happy flashbacks and think where to start from. I don't think anyone apart from you guys can do justice in creating memories the way you did. Everytime I think of my wedding, I inevitably think of the amazing photoshoots and the video bytes which were awesome fun (you brought the actor in me!!). My wedding would not have been half as much fun had it not been for you guys. Me and tushi remember our wedding because of you both and your whole team who stood with us for everything. NOT TO MISS THE CRAZY WEDDING FILM!!! SOMETHING THAT I WANNA WATCH ALL THE TIME! You all are one of the most creative team i have ever met. The ideas and the concepts are superbly innovative and i'm sure the way yours' brain function, you will keep innovating beautifully. Me and Tushi feel like getting married again just so that you guys can create some more amazing memories!! Both of us have found amazing friends in you and I'm sure this friendship is for a lifetime. I dont need to say much coz your work speaks for itself. The only thing i want to say is that KEEP UP THE WONDERFUL WORK AND GOOD LUCK..!

Sanchita Sawhney
Sanchita Sawhney5.0

2 years 7 months ago

Happy Flashbacks holds a very special place in my heart. They covered my sister's wedding and it was one of the most beautiful and adventurous experience with them. Nupoor and Anish are young, vibrant and very innovative with their ideas. It's amazing how with every wedding since my sister's they have managed to come up with new themes. Totally adore the couple for letting their love for each other flow in their work towards the families getting married. The warmth, the care and the comfort that they provide just creates a very comfortable environment to work in between the hectic ceremonies. I know who I have to go to when my time comes :)

Samyukta Sawhney
Samyukta Sawhney5.0

2 years 7 months ago

When it comes to Weddings..you don't want to go wrong with any thing...the wedding video is one of them..it's once in a lifetime opportunity to create precious memories which will be passed on for generations to come..i still watch my grandparents black and white wedding video.. time changes..era changes but somethings do not change..the emotions..the moments..at the time of all the wedding drama..and you cannot put a price on these things..this is where Happy Flashbacks Team aka Nupur & Anish step in... the team specializes in storytelling and really puts you and your overwhelmed self at the center stage.. you are the star and this is your day.. they make sure that the moments they capture are one of a kind..if you will look at their work you will not see a single video which is a look alike of their previous work..its original..unique...all about you.. and trust me they can create anything..even if you want to be the quintessential Raj and Simran or Amitabh Bachhan..They are literally masterminds of their craft and have a sense of how precious this would be to you.. I have been blessed to have worked with them.. and I shall be proud to show my uber-cool wedding video to generations to come.... Its a legacy!!

Happy Flashbacks
Wow!! Thank you so much sam:) this is overwhelming. Thank you for writing all that you have written. Love and hugs
Preeti Nair
Preeti Nair5.0

3 years 6 months ago

Wonderful work Noopur and Anish...I have personally seen your work and therefore i know it's like amazinggg and the best one can get...You have the best creative ideas and they truly reflect the way the couples are in real life and that establishes how well you connect with your consumers like a family... All the best and love you guys..

Yukthi Aggarwal
Yukthi Aggarwal5.0

3 years 8 months ago

These people give u more than u will ever imagine, something more important than just memories, they give you their friendship almost to the point that u start considering them ur family. In return they will go no end to make ur wedding/pre wedding/post wedding pictures so special that one will yearn getting married again. They make u feel special like celebrities. You can have them only if u deserve them. The efforts these people take for u has no limit.

Happy Flashbacks
thank you so much my dear:) to write such an amazing review, just one day post ur wedding, when you should be packing ur luggage for the honeymoon :))) is soon sooooo special for us . U two are absolutely lovely together and Anish and I wish u the very best in this new journey:) We taking u out for a nice dinner when u guys return :) cheers
Leeza Singh
Leeza Singh5.0

4 years 2 months ago

<p>Looking for Conceptual Photography and Film the definite stop shall be Happy Flashbacks. Imaginative themes with an eye of creativity,capturing memories for lifetime. All of this with enormous glitz, glamour and ultimate concepts is definitely a catch for a reasonable price!!!!!</p>

Happy Flashbacks
thanks so much leeza :))