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Rock Paper Scissors Films

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Last Review Updated on 7 Aug 2019

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Sunaina Gupta
Sunaina Gupta5.0

2 months ago

Having seen their work earlier, I was pretty sure of the end product and had high expectations, which they delivered on. Thank you Ikron and team for capturing our special memories so well. Beautiful and an excellent job at covering the whole wedding - decor, people , moments, all events , some conversations. Really made us relive the days and all the emotions. Can’t thank you enough. 😍😍😍

varun shrimal
varun shrimal0.5

2 months ago

Very bad experience. We spent 2 months talking to Ikron. We live in LA and wanted to get our wedding film made by this vendor as we liked their Kashmir video. On the first call it seemed like we were talking to a school boy who was working on his side business from his mom's house. He seemed all over the place. Unplanned, Undecided and zero business sense or salesmanship. Didn't ask any questions about what we wanted to achieve. No discovery at all. Kept umming and arring. Doubt level 2/10. We thought hey.. Apple first started in a garage right? But looking back we should have ceased conversations with this vendor back then itself. In the next call which took ages to schedule because they don't have a process or a calendar, he said yes the video we just posted to our Youtube channel was shot in the US and India. We asked which city in US? Ikron's response - can't remember. Which city in India - can't remember. Doubt level 5/10. Then I asked my brother in law who works in Bollywood to chat with him and he came back to me with serious red flags. ASK THEM FOR A CONCEPT PLAN and they'll look at you like you are speaking in Japanese. Ikron's PLAN OF ACTION WAS TO SHOW UP AND SHOOT. He said "we won't have much time with you anyways since you'll be busy with functions" Uhm... then who will you be shooting? No creative flow or route. Just take it as we go is not an approach to film making, art or any project for that matter. On the most recent call with him he says, "we'll make sure we do a good job in Udaipur on the 3rd".. My wedding is in Jaipur and it's from the 4th. Doubt level 10/10. This guy is like a sift. He can't remember anything. I wouldn't trust him with an iphone let alone my wedding film. Good luck if you are moving forward with this vendor because you are going to need a lot of it.

Rock Paper Scissors Films
Your review is based on just 3 conversations with us at the end of which we refused to work with you because of your condescending attitude towards us and our business. After respectfully refusing to work with you, I received the text attached in the picture below. From the very beginning, we have been very patient with your demands. We try to be ... Read More

10 months ago

It was so much fun having them shoot at my wedding. Extremely accommodating, very punctual and super professional. It never felt like there was an intrusion into any ceremony, it really felt like I had friends around me shooting the video. They're just as excited and interested in making the best video possible, so you can really tell they're very passionate about their work. I'm so so happy with how the trailer and movie turned out, watching it always puts me in a good mood. They never said no to any change I asked for (not that the video needed any, I was just trying to impose some creativity of my own). They barely asked any of us to pose, and managed to catch so many heartening and candid moments. Having them for the wedding was one of the best decisions ever! Would give more than 5 stars if I could:)


1 year 6 months ago | Certified Review

RPS Films are AMAZING at what they do - it all comes very naturally to them. They are also super fun to work with and have around. Source

Divya Mishra
Divya Mishra5.0

2 years ago

I remember 2 very young boys at the other end of table, one of evenings of winters of 2015 and I was wondering if I could explain them a complex journey we two walked and will they ever be able to digest before I expect them to do some justice for us to portray it in visuals for ever and pass on to generations and I decided against my desire to be diplomatic and gave them the raw version of our love story and boy, you must watch our wedding video to know what a story teller these young lads are ! The focus is not the event but subject of the event always is what I believe is their style. There is greater possibility of impact that living being's happiness makes than materials that support their happiness to improvise the impact. I find ourselves extremely lucky and thanks to Karan for joining the dots and letting us meet RPS, who were then only 3 wedding videos old but had guts to say upfront we are not doing the same business that you as client might be expecting out of one of known legends I mentioned during our conversation but we will do something that you will be happy about and I am glad they aren't doing what rest of the league is doing. I am so proud of their creativity, visualization, understanding of charged emotions, observations and then techniques that makes them so unique in this business and I am their happiest client to declare I give them 10 out of 5. I wish them great success always and I have all the reasons to re hire their creativity for any event we wish to make memorable for ever. Love always, Deepak & I PS :My unsolicited advise to the couples considering RPS to do their stories is to be as authentic as you could be to yourself while giving them details of your precious journey and sit back to see what magic they can create :-)

Rock Paper Scissors Films
"I give them 10 out of 5" . Very sweet of you Divya! Thank you for putting your faith on us!
Krishna Pratap
Krishna Pratap5.0

2 years ago

Ikron and Team are great and talented professionals. while watching our final wedding movie we couldnt stop smiling and tearing up little bit. They are a great story narrators and I recommend them strongly. One of the best part of the crew was how they were invisible in the crowd and shot everything without obstructing anyone around. They are also very responsive to your feedback and heed your preference sincerely. Apart from expert at capturing the best moments, we loved their taste in music and style of video which is going to be timeless. we loved working with them! cant complain about anything :)

Rock Paper Scissors Films
Thank you so much Krishna! Really means a lot! It was a wonderful and different experience to say the least!
Jasleen Bakshi
Jasleen Bakshi5.0

2 years ago

So, the search for a wedding cinematographer is probably one of the most difficult decisions you make. They are the best memories you have to re-live your wedding time and again and our decision to trust Ikron, Joseph and his team with our wedding videos was the best decision we made. They made you feel comfortable and were extremely understanding. They did a great job with all our functions and theres nothing but appreciation and gratitude we feel. Kudos to the team for the great job they are doing :)

Rock Paper Scissors Films
Thank you Jasleen and Amarpreet for being so so sweet! You had the sweetest story to tell and we're so glad you chose us!
Setu Chhabra
Setu Chhabra 5.0

2 years 1 month ago

Ladies and gentlemen introducing Ikron Joe and his team, the best thing that can happen at your wedding.. These guys r just amazing. The moments they have captured let me relive the emotions over and over again.. It feels like a fairy tale watching their work.. Positives - value for money, before time delivery, professional yet very friendly and always ready to take your inputs.. Thank you for making my beautiful moments look magical

Rock Paper Scissors Films
Thank you Setu! You guys were amazing! Literally the sweetest couple out there!

3 years 1 month ago

okay so we aren?t the lovey dove type and if someone would have told me a few weeks ago that we would be getting a ? video? made, i would have laughed!!! a chance discovery of one of their works led me to all the others and i really got a feel for the different personalities and dynamics? no cookie cutter stuff!!! i felt maybe they could do justice to our story too? and boy did they ever!! :) mind you we weren?t the easiest of clients !! :P they really took the time and made the effort to get to know about us and made us feel so comfortable!! i think that comes through the clip!! one VERY happy and satisfied client!! :D

Rock Paper Scissors Films
Thank you Nikki and Sajal! I think it's time for another round at social? :P
Rachita Jain
Rachita Jain5.0

3 years 2 months ago

To the RPS boys I almost gate crashed sooo many random weddings by looking at their trailers to find THE cinematographers for my big day, that it's not even funny. But thanks to Karan I came across Rock Paper Scissors Films (btw, I loooovvveeee the name, I don't think you should use the abbreviated version). I was mesmerised from the first video I saw. And Salil loved them too. You guys became the obvious choice from the first trailer we saw. And you guys have delivered, and how!!! I had goosebumps when I saw it for the first time. It's a brilliantly made , well thought piece. And I can't believe you guys managed to pull out gems of moments from the chaos punjabi weddings are! From the song selection to the order everything is just perfect. The video is so stunning it made me ask for more and more. I just didn't want it to stop. I'm so glad my wedding has the RPS stamp!

Sukanya Mathur
Sukanya Mathur5.0

3 years 2 months ago

Ikron and his team were just what we were looking for to capture our wedding! No big cameras and lights hovering over you - you can be yourself and trust them to capture every moment beautifully! We were apprehensive about long boring wedding videos but RPS gave us a format that we can watch over and over again! Thank you Ikron for capturing our most cherished moments.

Sabina Sud
Sabina Sud5.0

3 years 4 months ago

RPS team called our wedding video 'effervescence', if I were allowed to rename them, I would call them - 'Magic'. Each and every video they make is pure magic and feels unreal. Six months after the wedding, I watch the video with as much passion and interest as these guys put into making it. The team- Ikron, Joseph , Sonthui and Swapnil are absolutely amazing. The best part about the RPS team is that it feels like some of your very very talented friends are shooting your wedding for you. From the very first time we met the team, they gave us a sense of comfort. We could open up to them and joke about anything under the sun. In fact my husband opened up a bit too much during his interview (if you know what I mean ;)) The wedding video is our most cherished memory of our wedding , getting them was possibly our best decision. Whatever you say about them would be less. They are young, talented and full of new exciting ideas and they know exactly how to make your wedding video seem traditional yet modern. We simply love them! They will be shooting all the wedding in our family for sure. I wouldn't mind getting married again (to the same guy, of-course ) just so I can get another video! P.S: Looking forward to our 1 year anniversary complimentary video ;)

Upasna Bhandari
Upasna Bhandari5.0

3 years 4 months ago

RPS is everyone dream when it comes to wedding videography. While being technically advanced they just take such a load off of your plate giving you that mental space you need when planning a wedding. It was such a pleasure knowing they know what they do and have full faith in their capabilities. Their work speaks for themselves and I have no doubt they have a bright future. Whatever they do is unique and special so you can be assured to have a unique representations of who you are as a couple rather then be the norm. I wish them all the best and want to extend huge congratulations for doing such a wonderful job.


3 years 5 months ago | Certified Review

RPS Films captured one of the most important moments of our lives in the most honest, heartfelt, wonderful ways any Newlyweds could ask for. They provided so much depth and character to our wedding that we will forever be grateful to them for this lasting memory. Their Final Video of our entire wedding was such a gorgeous and unique rendition of this special moment that we've watched the video over 15 times in less than a few weeks. They did what they needed to in order to capture those intimate moments so beautifully and uniquely, without at all causing any interference whatsoever. They had state of the art camera equipment with no wiring whatsoever so as not to cause any awkward moments of people tripping over them. They had amazing shots with the drones that were used. They were patient, and accommodating to our craziness, and they made us feel like THEY cared too. There is little more we can do or say to praise them any more, because their video and depictions of our union is one we will always have a lasting memory of, and we hope we can return the favor in some small way.


3 years 7 months ago

I had seen RPS films work and videos at my best friends wedding and I was amazed at the results, for being an amateur at wedding videos, they did a brilliant job and I was certain that they were the best choice for my wedding. As a team they made sure they incorporated every detail we wanted as a couple. They are super talented and outstanding story tellers, every time we see our video, I go through a roller coaster of emotions. It makes us relive all those moments and emotions. I'm so grateful to them for giving us memories which I will cherish for a lifetime.


3 years 8 months ago

I feel SO fortunate to have found RPS Films through my pre wedding research for wedding cinematographers (read Facebook stalking) This is a team of young and extremely talented people who are definitely more talented than young ;) When I checked out their wedding related work, they were only two weddings old. When I spoke to them, they showed me their third. The improvement in the quality of work with each of these projects was remarkable. Technique aside, the one thing that was common in each of their videos was attention to detail and ability to capture beautiful moments from angles that make them look even more amazing. Each wedding was beautiful yet unique. I immediately knew that I wanted them to capture my wedding. Being a relatively new trend, it was hard to explain and convince the families and my (now) husband about this decision of having a wedding film. But I?m so glad RPS didn?t let me down. While they were very accommodating of some of the ideas that I had, they also knocked sense into us when some suggestion didn?t make sense. Our wedding trailer and the video- both are so beautiful that there is nothing that I?d like to change about them. In fact, they are way better than my expectations. Thank you so much guys, for capturing these wonderful memories that we will cherish forever. And more importantly, for adding your personal touch. You stand out for the fact that you bring a lot of new ideas and creativity to this field and I see you making it BIG. Good luck!


3 years 9 months ago

We got a call from a junior from our (law) college and he said ?I?ve started making films now and I have to make your wedding film.? He only had one trailer to show us and a quote that was way out of our budget! But my (now) husband had a gut feeling that we should pick them and here is the deal ? The boy has between little and no opinion on the wedding. So when he decides that something has to be done a particular way, you JUST DO IT! And am I glad we did! The guys at RPS films are very chilled out, exceptionally talented and extremely professional. The wedding video is my most cherished memory of my wedding <3 Getting them was possibly our best decision!