Kamya Rajagopal
Kamya Rajagopal

1 month ago

Engaging the Shaadi Masala Team, was the best decision we made, apart from perhaps deciding to get married in the first place! Its not often you get to work with like-minded people who are fun, incredibly hard-working, creative, personable, and most importantly, professional. Naina and Gaurav were put to every conceivable challenge - (1) a wedding in the mountains with minimal connectivity and a requirement to try and source everything from the small towns in the vicinity, rather than simply sourcing all supplies from Delhi and hauling them over; (2) a second wedding in Delhi with an incredibly uncooperative and difficult venue; and (3) clients (us!) who, knowing our creative limitations, refused to participate in any discussions relating to decor but simply asked that it be simple, elegant and locally sourced. Naina and Gee got all our guests to the mountains without incident, made our wedding venue look incredibly stunning, threw in a few extra touches that we didn't anticipate, and got on famously with all the attendees. In Delhi, Naina went so far as to physically block the venue management that foolishly threatened to take apart parts of the carefully put together decor. We enjoyed each of our prep meetings leading up to the big day(s), and once the wedding celebrations kicked off, didn't do anything but have fun, content in the knowledge that this team was on top of everything. So to conclude, we think these two are INCREDIBLE, we cannot thank them enough, and we certainly can continue recommending them to all and sundry until the cows come home!!

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