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5 Things To Keep In Mind While Pinning The Bridal Dupatta On Your Head.

BY Sakshi | 31 Oct, 2017 | 37979 views | 4 min read

So this one is something a lot of us don't pay a lot of attention to, and blindly follow whatever the draping lady suggests. But it's something that you'll realise matters- maybe when you realise it's moving during the ceremony, or maybe when you realise the number of pins that have gone in or maybe when you see your wedding photos and realise it wasn't flattering enough for your face! Yep, how you pin your bridal dupatta on your head can really make a difference to your overall bridal look, so here are some tips and tricks that can come handy!

1. Decide whether you want to flaunt open hair or a bun

Now this is the first thing you have to decide- while most brides do opt for a bridal bun which supports the dupatta better, we are seeing more and more brides sport open hair on their wedding too, which would make it a wee bit tougher to pin the dupatta, as it has lesser to latch on to..

Image via Pashyanti and Sahil's Wedding

2. Leave some loose fabric between the top of your head and your shoulder

Golden embellished bridal lehenga

Image via Rolling Canvas Presentations

The number 1 mistake new drapers make while pinning a dupatta, is to pin it on top of the head, and then straight down to your shoulders. This makes your head be stuck in a place- like its frozen. Instead, leave some loose fabric between the head and the shoulders so you can move your head easily.

3. If it is a bun, the height of your bun determines where your dupatta should go

So the first thing you need to decide is, where you want the dupatta placed on the head. Where you place the dupatta on the head really matters. It could either be..

Very low, over a bun right at the nape of the neck...

Image via Slice of Life Pictures

Low over a low bun...

Peach bridal lehenga

Image via Binoti and Mayank's Wedding

Medium, right over the bun...

Image via Filmy Weddings

Super high, right on the top of the head

Image via Ashna and Vaibhav's Wedding

Here is a guide which can really help!

4. Decide whether you want volume on top or not

This is something that largely depends on the shape of your face. It is recommended that brides with round faces give some volume on top, to avoid looking flat. This also makes a huge amount of difference to the final look..

With volume using a bumpit or a 'puff'...

Baby pink bridal lehenga

Image via Matt and Ivy for Ivy Weddings

Without volume...

Image via Jodi Clickers

5. Decide how much (if any) of the dupatta on the head you want to bring forward

This also makes a drastic effect on your final bridal look. You have some options. You could go...

Everything at the back with hardly anything visible from the front...

Image via Vvani By Vani Vats

Everything at the back, but completely visible from the front..

Image via Sagar and Subiya's Wedding

Bringing the dupatta to the front

Maroon velvet bridal lehenga

Image via The Wedding Story

Bringing one side to the front, one at the back

Image via The Lightsmiths

Here are some additional tips that can come in handy...

  • The tricky part is pinning the dupatta. Pin the dupatta on the side of your head first. The best type of pin to use is an all-pin with a head (only in case of a bun). Try to get a pin that has a small and clear head – making it barely visible on your dupatta. Bobby pins can also be used, but they are more visible unless you use the super thin variety.
  • Make sure the dupatta is pinned right at the centre of the head, otherwise the lop-sidedness can get caught in photos and look bad.
  • The dupatta itself should be pinned right at the centre of its length- the flowing material left should be equal on both sides.
  • If you are worried about the dupatta, then a lot of brides prefer to pin the dupatta to the shoulders as well. This helps keep the dupatta in place. Pin from the inside of your outfit, use a small safety pin.
  • Another way is that pin your dupatta is at the upper to mid back to keep the weight balanced. By pinning the dupatta at the back, you’ll help prevent it from sliding off the top of your head. Use a slightly bigger safety pin than the one for the shoulders.
  • Keep some time in hand before the pinning and stepping out for the wedding. That way you'll know if it's not right or hair is getting tugged too much.

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