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100+ Indian Bridal Hairstyles For Brides!

BY Palak | 01 Nov, 2023 | 312409 views | 19 min read

Picture this: the bride, resplendent in her lehenga and makeup, ready to step into a new chapter of life. But wait, something's missing – the perfect bridal hairstyle! A bride's tresses are as vital as her attire. Whether you're the bride or not, flawless hair is non-negotiable. Indian hairstylists often lean towards the classic bun, securing the dupatta elegantly while adding height and volume. Short-haired brides, fret not! Short locks are incredibly stylish. Feel like leaving your hair down? Imagine the charm of beachy waves, gentle curls, and exquisite accessories adorning your mane. The world of Indian wedding hairstyles is incredibly diverse, thanks to a plethora of accessories. For brides aspiring to set hair goals and inspire others, we have a treasure trove of wedding hairstyles for women. And guess what? Our suggestions aren't just for the bride – we have delightful options for bridesmaids and close family members too! Get ready to rock your bridal hairstyles and steal the spotlight at every turn!

1. Gorgeous Cupcake Hued Bun-Style Bridal Hairstyle

bridal hair bun

Image via Doll You Up By S

This is one of the bridal hairstyles which is trending all over! Its floral, its in lovely hues, making it the perfect Indian wedding hairstyles that you could pick from.

2. A Breathtaking Braid In Pearls!

bridal hairstyle

Image via Sejal Savaliya★ 4.8

This one is legit goals!

3. Diamonds Are Forever!

Image via Recall Pictures★ 3.5

For brides who are looking for an open hair hairstyle but want some glam to their bridal hairstyle, you can add this diamond-style hairband to the hairdo.

4. The Ethereal Combination Of Bejewelled Butterflies And Pearls!

Image via Pinterest

We are loving how real brides are opting for more unique hair accessories and moving beyond floral for bridal hairstyles!

5. This Dreamy Floral Braid In All-White!

Image via Monika and Pradeep

We are in love, truly! This enchanted all-white floral braid is perfect for a mehendi soiree or even an all-white haldi event look.

6. Pearl Loving!

Image via Deepak Sheshodiya

Simple, elegant yet sophisticated bridal hairstyle. This one is popular with brides, mothers of brides and even bridesmaids. You don’t need anything else with this!

7. Totally Loving This Headband With Low Pony Hairstyle!

Image via Ritika Kadam

If you are looking for a hairstyle without florals but want that oomph factor, bookmark this low ponytail hairdo with a sparkling headband!

8. Bejewelled Magic!

hair jewellery

Image via Ritika Kadam★ 5

Looking for a bridal hairstyle for a cocktail party or reception night that allows you to show off your tresses? This one with bejewelled pins is the one to say yes to!

9. This Bride Had Not One, But Three Fabulous Hairdos – This Ponytail Look To Start Off With!

10. Then a sleeked-back look for the sangeet!

11. And a stunning bridal bun for the wedding day!

Images via Nikita and Shashank

What’s not to love?

12. Rose Garden!

Image via Pinterest

This half-twisted rose bridal hairstyle is such a stunner. For a haldi, mehendi or even an intimate wedding, this wedding hairstyle will definitely turn heads.

13. How Stunning Is This Overflowing Floral Bridal Bun?

For lovers of all things floral, this bridal bun, overflowing with stunning flowers is such a great pick!

14. How Gorgeous Is This Low Ponytail Hairdo?

Image via Manchal and Luca

Love, love, love!

15. Mermaid Style Hairstyle With Thick Braid With Mini Butterflies!

Image via Payal Ankit Savla

We are digging this thick braid look with mini butterflies to give that dose of fun to your bridal hairstyle!

16. Super Sleek Top Knot!

Image via Hair by Dablu

We absolutely love sleek top knots that give you that perfect snatched bridal look!

17.Non-Floral Wonder

Image via Pinterest

For brides who are looking for Indian wedding hairstyles without overpowering it with florals, this is the one to bookmark now.

18. For All Our Curly Haired Brides!

curly hair bridal hairstyle

Image via Soumya and Chakra

No-fuss bridal hairstyle with statement roses, that match her lehenga is such a great way to show off those natural curls.

19. Bridal Hairstyle + Jewellery = Winner!

Image via Ritika Kadam★ 5

Want to jazz up your wedding hairstyle? Add a stunning layered necklace to it. This will give you that unique look as well as that extra dose of glam!

20. Right Out Of A Garden, Bougainville Braid Bridal Hairstyle!

bridal braid hairstyle

Image via Ritika Kadam★ 5

Braids are always a hit with brides who love intricacy in their wedding hairstyles and this one hits right out of the park!

21. Gorgeous Parandi-Style Hairdo!

Image via Ritika Kadam★ 5

Infuse a dose of tradition to your bridal hairstyle with this parandi-style hairdo for your happy day!

22. Statement Ponytail Hairdo With Mirror Detailing

Love your ponytails? Take a leaf out of this bride’s look and go with a statement ponytail hairstyle!

23. Loving This Minimal Bridal Hairdo With A Touch Of Sparkle!

Image via Hair by Dablu

For all you minimal brides, these lovely curls at the bottom with a touch of sparkle!

24. Stunning Low Ponytail With Gajra Hairstyle!

Image via Pinterest

Want a touch of modern with a contemporary? This low ponytail look, laden with gajras is what makes this look so fashionable.

Want to check out bridal hairstyles by the styles they are done in? 

Traditional Bridal Buns 

A bun is an ideal hairstyle for Indian wedding functions. It is a classic bridal hairstyle for the wedding ceremony. From engagement to jaimala, to reception, to mehendi- you can try the bun hairstyle, for any function! Here are a few bridal bun designs that we love:   

25. Super Stunning Hydrangea Bridal Bun Hairdo!

Image via Malvika and Dushyanth

Hydrangea bridal buns are trending and all for the right reasons!

26. Pearlcore Beauty!

Image via Hair by Dablu

Love your pearls? Wear them in your hair too! Get inspired by this pearl bun to rock that bridal hairstyle.

27. Gorgeous Twisty Bun With A One-Sided Floral Look!

Image via Hair by Dablu

For brides who don’t want anything complex or super intricate, this gorgeous bridal bun hairstyle is a total winner!

28. Mogra Bud Gajra Hairstyles With Temple Jewellery Hair Accessories!

Image via Pinterest

A lovely south Indian touch – temple jewellery hair accessories with a gorgeous bun with gajra look that you can don on your muhuratham!

29. Fun Twisted Bun With Pastel Florals

Image via Pinterest

For all you pastel loving brides, this twisty mini bun with gorgeous pastel blooms is such a treat on the yes!

30. Gorgeous Gota Patti Ribbon Bun That Is So Popular!

Image via Ritika Kadam★ 5

Fun, non-floral and super chic, gota patti ribbon buns are loved by brides all over! Esp as a bridal hairstyles for lehenga wearing brides. 

31. This Sleek Accessorized Bun Stopped Our Heart!

Image via Orange The Salon★ 4.6

We love buns that have a modernistic edgy style along with some traditional touches and this stunning Indian bridal hairstyles with veil has both!

32. Colourful baby's breaths are in vogue!

Image via Doll You Up By S

This twisted bun outlined with carnations and coloured baby's breaths is a surefire winner for a day wedding as an bridal hairstyles for lehenga. Pair it up with a pastel pink lehenga, and you're sure to grab some eyeballs.

33. Lavender overdose!

Image via Tanya Patni

Taking the colour-coordination game a notch above, this bride amped up her braided bun with a tasteful play of lavender-hued baby's breaths and some greens.

34. An exceptional floral concoction!

Image via @vidhig93, MUA Doll You Up By S

Let this unique floral bun be your sign to never settle for ordinary! 

35. All sorts of gardenia feels!

Image via Orange The Salon

Woah, the floral details are to die for!

36. Abloom in pastel hues!

Image via Doll You Up By S

If you have a soft spot in your heart for pastel-hued floral buns, you have to save this one!

37. A full bloom bun

Bridal bun with flowers

Image via The story weavers

Gajras on buns are conventional, but trying different flowers is a great idea! Roses, red or otherwise, add charm to a simple bun. In fact, not just roses, you could also consider other flowers like carnations, jasmine, lillies etc. You won’t just look pretty, you’ll smell lovely too!

38. Carnations to the rescue!

Image via The Wedding Conteurs★ 5

These pink roses matching with the bride’s outfit look absolutely stunning! Flowers and buns are a typical Indian hairstyle for weddings and they look so graceful.

39. Dual-toned floral buns are in!

bridal bun with lavender roses

Image via Studio W- Photography & Live Stream Experts★ 4

Adding two subtle colours is also a great idea, like the bride here has used pink and yellow roses for her hairstyle at her wedding. You could use a mix of different flowers of different colours too!

40. Rose buns are classics

Image via Roma Ganesh Photography★ 5

Reds look amazing on an Indian bride and we cannot lie! Actually, red roses look lovely on everyone and make for a wonderful addition to any wedding hairstyle. These classic red roses add charm to any bride’s outfit and her bridal bun!

41. For the love of pristine white roses!

Image via We Dont Say Cheese★ 4.6

We can’t get over how absolutely gorgeous this bridal hairstyle looks! The white roses soothe the eye and balance all the bling!

42. Floral bun with a twist!

Image via Ravindra Photo Sales★ 4.9

Give the bun embellishments a little twist and tuck the flowers horizontally instead of vertically for a different, fresh look.

43.A fine medley of reds & pinks! 

Image via Soulmate Films★ 4.5

This flower tucking in the shape of a heart has all our hearts! The use of red and peach roses looks gorgeous, and is such a unique combination.

44. Floral clips over embellished clips!

Image via Archana Thakkar Bridal Studio★ 2.8

You need not always use big flowers! If your bun is a complicated one as this is, use tiny flowers like these carnations to highlight the hairdo. This is also a lovely style for the bride’s mother or mother-in-law.

45. Gajras and red roses-A match made in heaven!

Bridal Bun Hairstyle with Gajra and roses

Image via Pinterest

Don’t wanna ditch the gajra? Don’t. Add a bunch of roses for a pop of colour and get ready to slay!

46.Baby breaths and roses never go out of style!

Image via Palak & Paras

Less of flowers, more of baby breaths! You can totally kill in a twisted bun with a lot of fresh baby breaths for a flawless hairstyling.

47.Another all-gajra bun we have our hearts on!

Image via Pinterest

Cover it all up with a long gajra and keep your jewellery lighter for a balanced look. This is a perfect option for bridal hairstyle for long hair..

48. A clean bun with an embellished clip in the centre!

Image via Pinterest

Accessorize your bun with a jhumka hair brooch for an elegant and classic Indian bridal hairstyle. This type of a hair accessory looks very delicate and elegant and doesn’t give the hair an overdone look

49. A breath of fresh air!

Image via Gaurav Gupta★ 4.7

Instead of a tight, conventional bun, get this kind of a hairdo, where your hair is pinned together in wispy ringlets. Embellish it with a few flowers or even a wreath, if you prefer. This type of a hairstyle is perfect for a sangeet or cocktail function.

50. Braided buns are a whole mood!

Image via Doll You Up By S

Braid your hair into french-tails and fish-tails and wrap it up into a bun. This is such a refreshing take on the traditional bridal bun. Instead of being higher on the head, making a bun on the nape of the neck, gives softer, more elegant look. This is a wonderful hairstyle for any of the pre-wedding functions such as the shagan, mehendi or even the sangeet. A great Indian hairstyle for long hair!

51. For the love of top-knot buns!

Image via Matt and Ivy for Ivy Weddings

If you’re a fan of high puffs, then this is the style for you! Make a high puff in the front with your hair swept up into a high bun. Use a maang tikka if you want to, but because this is a slightly western take on the traditional Indian wedding bun, no other embellishments are required. Take out a few strands and curl them up for a perfect look.

52. Messy buns for classy looks!

Image via Pinterest

Keeping it simple and wonderful and letting a few strands loose. How gorgeous!

53. All about luscious curls!

Image via Artcapture Productions★ 4.5

Girls with frizzy and curly hair, don’t straighten your hair for the day and keep it real! A loose bun to show off all your curls would look striking!

54. Twisted to perfection!

Image via Wedding Photo Diary By Prateek Sharma★ 5

We love the simplicity of this one. Just some simple curls and twists, embellished with a delicate pearl vine, to match your outfit.Curl a little, decorate a little. This curly, low bun is perfect for any pre-wedding function and even your big day!

55. A dash of classics for your bridal hair game! 

Image via Sheer Hitch★ 4.8

A little twist to your hairstyle! Add GOLD flowers instead of real ones and make it look ethereal!

56. A floral-filled affair!

Image via Pinterest

Colours! If you’re wearing a very simple pastel outfit, a pop of colour on your bun would be like a breath of fresh air!

57. Minimalism at its best!

Image via Aabha Chaubal Photography

Simple bun and gold jewelry? sorted.

58. One with some personalised touches!

Image via Craft Haat

Now this is something really interesting and fun! A quirky, personalized accessory for your bridal bun, and so different from the regular jewelled hair accessories and flowers! We love how the brooch is highlighted with artificial accessories around the bun. Could this be any cooler?

59.What a beauty!

Image via Pinterest

Loose braids from the top of the hair, forming an elegant and very stylish-looking bun,pairing up with a minimal gajra.

60. Offbeat yet edgy!

Image via Pinterest

We found this unique style of putting flowers above the bun and it is super cute! All you need to do is some back- combing in the front to get that slight puff and then some flowers on the top of your bridal bun.

Fuss-free Braids

Braids, whether embellished or wrapped in your favourite flowers, make for a surefire winner as a bridal hairstyle. Don't believe us? Drive through to take a look at these striking ones for yourself!

61. Giving Us Some Baby Breath Love!

Image via Krishna and Kanav

A cluster of baby breath on top of a super sleek bridal braid is what our Pinterest dreams are made of!

62. Statement Mirrorwork Braid That We Loved!

Image via Hair by Dablu

Want to go beyond just a regular braid? Go with this statement mirrorwork braid!  

63. Bejewelled Braid Look That We All Love!

Great for a mehendi or even your wedding day, the bejewelled braid!

64. Disney Style Bubble Braid With Pearls!

Image via Sejal Savaliya★ 4.8

Giving us complete princess vibes with this bubble braid with pearl detailing!

65. The Trending Chand Choti!

Image via Orange The Salon★ 4.6

This bridal hairstyle is trending and for all the right reasons! It’s a fun braid style hairdo for brides who don’t want a head dupatta and want a hairstyle that is fuss-free and fun.

66. Messy Braid With Pearls And Florals!

Image via Gaur Paswan★ 4.7

Pearls have always been a favourite part of bridal jewellery and now you can do pearl pins for your bridal hair too.

67. Such A Fun Gota Patti Braid With Gold Pearls!

Image via Ritika Kadam★ 5

Gota patti ribbon hairstyles have been in vogue in 2022 and we are totally crushing on this braid hairdo!

68. Mermaid Style Bubble Braid With Minimal Embellishments!

Image via Hair by Anisha Nagpal★ 0.5

Pretty as they come, this bubble braid is simple yet so magical.

69. A braid this stunning, you just can't say NO!

Image via Preksha Gupta Makeup Artist★ 5

Isn't it such a pretty bridal hairstyle to consider for your Mehendi!

70. Messy braids are making the loudest noise!

Image via Sejal Savaliya

If you've got long hair like her, you definitely gotta give this one a try! 

71. Embellished braids are our personal favourite!

Image via @alixeeshantheaterstudio

Hola regal brideys, these Chaand Bali embellishments would go perfectly with your braided hairstyles!

72. Braids with elegant twists and turns!

Image via Natasha Moor

Nothing like voluminous floral braids that look as chic as this one.

73. Gajra braids for those who swear by classics!

Image via The Lightsmiths★ 5

If you're a bride who resonates with traditional hairstyles with a modern twist, this braided hairdo won't leave you disappointed.

74. Class apart!

Image via Pinterest

We'd like to take a moment to appreciate the elaborate details of this embellished braid!

75. A messy braid pinned with multi-coloured flowers!

Image via Sadhana & Micheal

Looking for a quirky bridal hairsyle for your mehendi? This one's it!

76. A pop of pink for the added charm!

Image via The Wedding Salad★ 4.9

You wouldn't scroll past this braid hairdo without adding it to your list of favorites.

77. Floral Jadas for that traditional look!

Image via Dreamcatchers Photography★ 4.9

South Indian hairstyles make us drool! This combination of the bun with the thick braidis absolutely stunning. These lovely ornaments, known as ‘billai’ along the length of the braid, just make it more elegant!

Uber-chic Open Hairstyles

Are you the contemporary bride who doesn't swear by the age-old inhibitions? Then these amazing open hairstyles will definitely secure a special place in your heart!

78. Timeless Beauty!

This open hair with sispatti look is a timeless look, works well for sangeets as well as the wedding day!

79. This Stunning Open Hairstyle With A Sispatti Style Head Jewellery Is Goals!

Open hair has been such a bride-favourite since Alia pulled it off at her wedding and we are loving it too!

80. Open Hairdo With Gorgeous Hair Jewels!

Image via Medhavi and Kartik

Who says you need to opt for a braid only to don hair jewels?

81. Want To Flaunt Your Long Tresses? Say Yes To This Hairdo!

Image via Ritika Kadam★ 5

We are totally loving these textured curls with mathapati for brides with long hair. Its fun, sleek and such a beautiful look to pull off.

82. Minimal Floral Hair With Soft Curls!

Image via Kajol R Paswwan★ 4.9

This bow style hairdo with half-up-down hair is perfect for the minimalistic bride.

83. Loose waves with a braided front

Image via Reelsandframes

Gotta give full marks to the hairstylist for using the volume of this bride's hair with sheer perfection!

84. All hearts for those clean curls!

Image via Deepak Sheshodiya

Talk about open hairstyles, and the ones boasting of iron-curls always work wonders for a glam engagement/reception look.

85. Sispattis and open hairstyles go hand-in-hand!

Image via @fashioneiress

Now that's the kind of bridal hairstyle that is creating the most headlines at the moment!

86. Bring a statement hairband into the scene!

Image via Ablaze by Simran Takkar

Why go out and about with your choices when you can simply do your hair into natural waves and elevate its look with an embellished band!

87. Beachy waves with scattered floral touches!

Image via CoolBluez Photography

It would be safe to call this bridal hairstyle an ideal choice for a day mehendi or haldi. That's when those flowers will pop out the most!

88. A dash of baby breaths here & there!

Image via Sunny Dhiman Photography

This half-tie hairstyle boasting of a neatly done bubble ponytail is pure goals.

89. No Floral Bridal Hairstyle!

90. For brides who don't want to go plain-jane!

Image via Drishti & Deepak

Deck up your open tresses with a statement jewellery piece!

91. Bridal hairstyles with a bow? Hell, yes!

Image via Ritika Kadam

Can't stop ogling at this half-tie hairdo perked up with a bow in the centre!

Indian bridal hairstyles for long hair!

If you are someone who is not a very big fan of buns and also have long hair, then do not worry because we have got you covered! 

92. Textured Pony-Style Hairdo For Brides Who Want To Go Dupatta-Free!

Image via Pinterest

This unique hairstyle is perfect for brides who have long hair and don’t want to opt for an open hairdo. You can also rock this without a dupatta on your head!

93. Mesmerizing Aqua Blue Baby Breath Hairdo!

Image via Srushti Makeovers

Coloured baby breath? Sold!!

94. Pretty Perfect Pearly Ponytail!

Image via Ritika Kadam★ 5

Nothing like a pearl bejewelled ponytail hairdo to jazz up your bridal hair!

95. A cascade of curls!

Image via Gautam Khullar Photography★ 4.8

Braid the top part and curl the rest of your hair for a fun, captivating look. This is a lovely look for a sangeet or a shagan ceremony. You can even get this type of a hairdo for your mehendi ceremony.

96. A rather fuss-free appeal! 

Image via Zohaib Ali Photography★ 5

Instead of a lot of gajra, use strands of flowers and weave them through your hair for a nymph-like look. Interweave them with braids or some interesting twists and turns. This is a fuss-free hairstyle for Indian brides with long hair!

97. Keep it simple yet sophisticated!

Image via Savleen Manchanda★ 3.7

A Pasa can make any hairstyle look stunning! All you brides with long hair, just curl them and add a gorgeous hair accessory and you are good to go.

98. Let 'em natural waves do the talking!

Image via Makeovers by Lavanya★ 5

Curls are the new trend! Middle parting, gorgeous mangtikka and huge soft curly hair is now a go to hairstyle for Indian brides with long hair.

99. Here's a unique pick you just can't go wrong with!

Loose braid curls with baby breaths

Image via The Unique Blend★ 4.7

This loose braid on curls which looks almost like open hairstyle looks ethereal and totally unique for a bridal hairstyle! The baby breaths add a nymph like quality to the entire look. Such a lovely wedding hair style for a mehendi or day sangeet!

100. Add hair extensions for a phenomenal volume!

Image via PANNAS★ 4.9

Add extensions on to the sides for a hairstyle full of volume and add curls.

101. Rooting for this half-tie hairdo!

Image via Nitin Arora Photography★ 4.8

Minimal accessorizing is always a good idea! If you are a bride you loves it all minimal for their bridal hairstyle then it is just perfect for you.

Bridal hairstyles for short hair

If your hair is not long and flows all the way to your back, it's okay! We have some bridal hairstyles for short hair too!

102. Texture Bomb!

Image via Ritika Kadam★ 5

Don't want a massive bridal hairstyle? Go with this textured hair look that will look so stunning on any day! 

103. Something colourful yet clean for your short hair!

Image via @hot.hair.balloon

You have to admit that it looks perfect for an intimate wedding!

104. This Celeb-Inspired Bridal Hairstyle For Your D-day!

Braided at the front, with soft curls at the back, this short hair style will look gorgeous on any bride!

This was the massive list of 100+ bridal hairstyles for you gorgeous brides to pick from, try and rock!

Good luck, pretty ladies.

And if you are still confused about the hairstyle that will suit you the best, do check out our blog on the perfect hairstyle based on your face shape.

Also read: Tips and tricks for to nail the wedding hairstyle!

*Updated by Apoorva Pagar.

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