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How to Coordinate your Jewellery With Your Bridal Outfit!

BY Sakshi | 19 Nov, 2016 | 2172 views | 4 min read

1472062043_0F4A9150So, the big question on every bride-to-be's mind is, "What to buy first? The bridal outfit or the bridal jewellery?"

It’s a bit like the chicken and the egg story – which comes first? Your bridal outfit or your bridal jewellery? Or should you pick them together? We have mostly noticed brides buying their outfit before choosing their jewellery. The general perception is that the bridal outfit trumps the jewellery in terms of showing more in photos, etc etc etc! But trust us, after you're married, the bling of the jewellery is all you'll want, and your bridal outfit most likely will never see the light of day again! That is why, if you were to ask some styling experts, you should choose your bridal jewellery BEFORE the outfit!

1467639331__W5A8923Photo Courtesy: DotDusk Studios★ 4.9

There are two very valid reasons for this...

  1. Your jewellery is a bigger investment that your outfit. With such a heavy price tag, you shouldn’t have to compromise because of it having to match your already chosen outfit.
  2. While its easy to switch up a blouse neckline or a lehenga color to match your jewellery, it is VERY hard to change any part  of a jewellery set. So it is always better to match your outfit to your jewellery and not the other way around.

So here are some valuable tips on how to coordinate your jewellery with your outfit, AFTER buying the jewellery first!

Decide the look you're going for

1469563738_ManiniPhoto Courtesy: Studio Zeppic★ 5

Are you going for a modern or a vintage look? Your jewellery should make your entire vision come together and not just be a piece or accessory. If you wanna go down the traditional route, that's great. But if you want to be a modern bride by mixing things up, then go ahead and do that.

Contrast, contrast, contrast!

Photo Courtesy: The Wedding Matinee★ 4.4

Contrasting jewellery and outfits are so in these days, and look amazing! Just because your lehenga is pink, doesn't mean you have to wear only rubies. Emeralds look amazing with a pink outfit as the green really pops against the pink and distinguishes itself. Similarly rubies look great with a green outfit, an all white outfit or even a yellow outfit! If your outfit is pastel, stick to colorless stones and pearls. If your outfit is a riot of colors- again stick to pearls.

Necklines & Necklaces

1470230603_IMG_1228Photo Courtesy: The Wedding Shades★ 4.8

We've told you all about it in this post. It is very very important, and something that can bring out not only the beauty of the outfit and the jewellery more, but also make you look more stunning by working on your problem areas!

The bead hack for jewellery

1467376237_10399001_1318728331476924_3356598524552761065_nPhoto Courtesy: Ronicka Kandhari Photography

One thing you could do is to buy your polki/ gold set and tell the jeweller not to put the hanging beads at the bottom (these are the small rubies/ emeralds and pearls you see).  When you have picked your lehenga, then you can then tell him which color beads you want, whether matching or contrasting!

Diamonds Can Work With Traditional Outfits too

See how our stunning bride Mahzabeen worked diamonds against a traditional fuschia and gold lehenga? It works because it provides something unexpected.

Layering is your best friend

The best advice for brides to be- don't pick a mega huge set. You won't wear it again and it will lie in the back of your locker. Instead- pick two medium or small sets and layer them . One choker, one longer string and they will work perfectly together. Moreover you can then wear each set in the future too.

Mix and match with imitation jewellery

1452070873_986A8112_copyPhoto Courtesy: Cupcake Productions★ 4.8

These days the imitation jewellery available is so good, that it can seamlessly blend with your real set. So keep your options open for matching the real jewellery set with imitation extras like the maangtikka, mathapatti or a long necklace! This can be done after the real set and the outfit have been bought, to bring everything together!

Get an unexpected element in

Photo: Karan Sidhu Photography★ 5

Get something into your look thats unexpected. Wearing a minimalistic lehenga? Add a large, vintage nosering for an element of surprise. Or if your lehenga is really traditional and old school look at new age accessories like hair chains and wreaths to add a touch of modernity. The brides that really stand out are the ones that add that element of surprise in it.

Stick to this, and you're all set!

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