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Instant Ways To Nail That Perfect Bridal Shot!

BY Sakshi | 30 Jan, 2018 | 757 views | 4 min read

Not all of us are gifted posers in front of the camera- and yes, it is very different to click a selfie and stand in from of a photographer getting clicked! But with a little homework and effort, you can really nail your bridal portraits and poses, and here are some neat little tips to ensure that!

A simple trick to avoid double chin issues

Pic via Karan Sidhu 

Touch your tongue to the roof of your mouth , now smile  and you'll instantly look like you have an amazing jawline and well, no double-chin people! Move your ears forward and stand confident - it makes your neckline look longer and leaner. Again, no double-chin. 

Angle your body at a 45 degree angle


Image via Makeup by Anurita Chandrappa

Now this is another celeb trick that's easy but effortless. Turn your body so it's at a 45-degree angle or so you're facing the person you're standing next to in order to put your body's depth on display, which is more flattering for most women!

Move your arms away from your body instead of smushing them 

Image via Cupcake Productions

Especially when you wear sleeveless! Do not smush your arms against the side or front of your body- they will look wider than they are, which is not flattering at all! A great trick is to put the arm closest to the camera on your hip to accentuate your waist and slim your arm. Just be sure to tuck your elbow so it's pointing behind you and not out to the side. If that's not your style then just make sure your arms are not flat against but slightly lifted when resting against your body while you're getting photographed. 

Orange or heavy makeup means harsh images 

Image via Rohit and Rahul Lal Photography

Pick a look that's more natural, it will make you look like you're free and happy. Often it's these small things that make or break images. So light makeup and airy beauty looks can actually add to your look - you will look dreamy no matter what instead of harsh. 

Smize: Smiling with your eyes 

Image via Fotowalle - The Story Folks 

Tyra Banks popularised the word- short for smiling with your eyes—and it works! When you pose, try to replicate that look, even in non-smiling shots. It's gonna make your photos look even more beautiful!

Do not underestimate the power of laughter: lots of teeth and laugh wholeheartedly 

Image via Dhanika Choksi Photography

Beats fake smiling any day! Yes, photos in which you or everyone is your gang is laughing makes for such bright and happy photos- so make sure you practice what looks good on you- teeth or no teeth and how wide you should open up!

Elongate your neck and look more graceful

Image via Happyframes

Trust us, even the thinnest of women can be haunted by double chins in a lot of photos! To avoid it, elongate your neck by moving your head forward slightly and lift up your chin. Another trick is to try pushing your tongue against the roof of your mouth. Feels kinda awkward, but it elongates your neck and reduces the appearance of a double chin. This is also something you can practice ahead of time to make sure you don't look while uncomfortable doing it.

Do not forget positioning your legs!

Image via Kirandeep Photography

Even if you're wearing an outfit that completely conceals your legs, you'll still have to pay attention to them. You could bend one knee a little while posing so you don't look stiff or another trick is to cross your ankles at your calves to elongate your legs and make your hips appear slimmer!

Do ordinary things not practised poses

Image via Nirali & Ribhu (Udaipur)

Most important- do not stress over the photos so much.. do as much as you can remember but just have fun and try and be relaxed! Instead of trying to climb a tree or using an unusual prop, just do normal things a bride does - like laughing with friends and moving around etc naturally so the photographer can capture you in your element and in the moment. 

Make your hands -do something

Pic via Lightbucket Productions

Hold onto something so your hands don't look "jobless". Hold a flower, wave or just play with your hair - anything to not let your hands look like wierd! 

Figure out that magic timing 

Pic via 

Photographers always ask you to stand with the sun behind you because it makes you look luminous and dreamy.  Also, the best time of day to take outdoor photos is right after sunset. They say that it's when light is it's prettiest place and you get such dreamboat-y pics. 

Where to stand indoors?

Pic via Recall Pictures

Near a window, that's where the light comes in. Near a door or under a chandelier or near a few candles - they give you that nice glow. 

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