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#Trending: Succulents At Weddings, Pretty and Modern!

BY Latha Sunadh | 02 Aug, 2016 | 1205 views | 2 min read

Move over flowers and ferns, there's a new pretty thing in town and it's called a succulent. Now, the name doesn't sound too great but we heard that the trend is here to stay. So today, we're going to tell you all about the new trend the west is obsessed with and why not, it's cute and fun. Our low-down on this modern idea. Adds a whole new meaning to going green :) 8bea38620642fb5fc082f3dbb89d317a

Pic via @Buzzfeed

What are succulents? Succulents are basicallya group of plants that store water in their leaves - that's why their leaves are fleshy and thick. They are actually perfect for desert weddings or day weddings because they tend to thrive in dry climates and don’t like a lot of humidity. And what's even better, they will never look wilted or dull because they don't need tending to and watering every day - they can endure extended periods of drought, relying on the stored water and nutrients in their leaves. Heart-wreath

Pic via Blog.FCLWeddings.ca

Are there different kinds of succulents? Yes, they are actually cactuses so you will find all colours, but mostly hues of green. But our personal favourite is the ones that "blush" a little - the rosy pink hue that comes in is extremes in temperature as well as lack of water or sunlight. And not just pink, they blush in many hues - red, orange, purple and black too. How cute! AmyJoeWed__A4_3611-X2

Picture Courtesy: Topaz Ties The Knot

Why should you choose them over flowers and ferns? Because they don't need constant care and can survive and look good in any environment. They look fab and modern and add a rustic touch to your wedding. Plus, you need to not worry about wilting and looking dull at all. 0ff850d0-124d-11e4-843f-22000aa61a3e

Picture Courtesy: The Knot

How can we use them best? Well, succulents can make for great decor ideas. Try to use them as rustic centrepieces. As just table decor. On the boy as a boutonnière instead of flowers. The bride can even include them in her bouquet among all the flowers to add some variety. Some use them as tiny potted plants and as giveaways. Just so cute! You could add them on anything and give a new spin. 4-echeverias-rosette-succulent-wedding-favor-gift-5 Do they cost a lot? Prices start at Rs 150 and you can buy them online at Nursery Live and Seedlings india. Any nursery can give them to you so look for the nearest one.
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