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Latest Engagement Makeup Images ( 2 photos )

Some might think that the engagement of hair and make-up are just similar to wedding make-up and hence doesn’t require special attention. Well, that is a completely wrong notion to live by. Before your wedding arrives, there’s a whole lot of other functions that are to be sorted as well. And amongst the first few ones is the engagement ceremony. The ceremony is an important one as it not only makes it official that you are off the market and not dancing to single ladies anymore but it also marks the beginning of the party fiesta. And it’s a universal fact that no ceremony is complete without a dolled up bride wearing the perfectly fitted outfit and the apt make-up and hairdo, and the engagement ceremony is also among them. Wedding make-up calls for a royal and really ethnic look while engagement make-up can range from everything dark to light to subtle to really shimmery one. There are several make-up looks and hairstyles specifically for engagement and might need some research to do the digging. Also, your make-up and hair should fit and sync in with your outfit as well. Therefore, WedMeGood’s photo gallery is here to offer you all the latest and trendy ideas and looks you could possibly think of as you get more than 130 photos for you to browse through and you can even save as many ideas as you want for your reference by simply downloading the WedMeGood app. You can even find make-up artist in your city and locality for the same. Latest engagement make-up looks for brides to try - Basic thick liner and brows with red bold lips - its the most subtle yet statement look and goes well with almost all shades of outfits. It looks best with sleek pulled back hair with a low bun. You can browse through various such ideas and photos for inspiration for your own look in our photo gallery. Bronzed look with popping highlighter - Dusky shades have always been so underrated, but lately, its acceptance as one of the most sensual tones has greatly increased. And the effect that the bronzer creates is just like that. It adds a warm look to the face and the highlighter amplifies the whole make-up look and it is just divine, nobody can fight us on this. You can find photos of beautiful brides in this look in our photo gallery and pick out some ideas for yourself. The no make-up make-up look - really light and subtle layer of make-up which makes it look as if there’s no make-up at all. It’s a really fresh look but one needs to carry it with grace and with just as much confidence to make it stand out. This make-up look is indeed a trend these days and brides should give it a try for less elaborate occasions like engagement and mehndi. Smokey eyes with subtle nude lips - The evergreen make-up look that has existed in the make-up catalogues since coon’s age and there’s a reason for that and that is that it’s a classic and blends in with any sort of outfit and accessorization. Read our blog about engagement make-up looks for more such ideas and inspiration. Airbrush or traditional make-up, the better option for engagement make-up? In all honesty, there is no one straight answer for this. Both traditional and airbrush make-up have their own set of pros and cons and it’s really one's own call that what really matters more to them. Traditional make-up is , of‌ ‌course, little heavier than airbrush make-up because of the traditional make-up tools like make-up brushes and sponges used in the process. Whereas airbrush sprays a very light layer of make-up over the skin , unlike traditional makeup. But at the same time, airbrush make-up doesn’t really suit all skin types and hence, brides should be cautious about it. When it comes to the sustainability of the two make-up types, they both have a tie over this. Both of them tend to remain on for the whole day and are water resistant if applied professionally. Also, traditional make-up has more options and variants than airbrush which makes it more versatile. Airbrush is the new trend because of its advanced technology and work efficiency but at the same time, traditional make-up has never been out of style. And when it comes to cost, traditional make-up leads the way as it is really cheap in comparison to airbrush makeup even though it uses more products than it. So, really it’s up to you whether you give more importance to the coverage factor or the cost factor of the two types. In the end, it’s your decision according to your convenience. Read Less
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